Saturday, 3 March 2012

A day that I did not expect it coming

When the school overglorifies their top scorers, nobody will really know how we will feel at rock bottom.
Insignificance? From the start till the end, we have always been invisible.
To my dearest pals who face the same thing as me, it may not be the day that life favours us, but thanks for giving me a wonderful 2 years in AJC, especially AJCSB. We got to move on.

Anyway, I've heard of this saying.
Results are nothing but a passport to the next stage of life. After you have reached the next stage, everyone starts from scratch again and it is a whole new game. Don't be demoralize. just continue to strive for your best :)

Be brave, 在伤心难过之后,要振作勇敢面对未来!Otherwise, we will miss out even more in life! :)

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