Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking back year 2012; dedicate my love for you dearests

I’m thankful for year 2012; I was really happy that the world didn’t come to and end.
Thus I have the opportunity to love still.

This year wasn’t the best of my years; In fact, one of the worst.
To add on to the lists of bad things that hit me this year, I have another piece of bad news: I did not manage the get into Impresario quarter-finals. Damn.
Though I wasn’t expecting much, with my disgraceful performance that day, I was hoping the rest would do so much worst than me. HAHAHA.

Results was horrendous. B- for all modules and a C+ for Psychology almost killed me. GPA of 2.9 was just so unacceptable.
Oh well. Nothing beats what happened in the first half of this year.
Yet, I still believe in love. Dumb ass, I know.

I believe still, that a kiss can beautify souls hearts and thoughts …
When I was younger, my biggest dream was always to be the happiest and prettiest bride in the world!
I so hope that one day I will marry my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, the one that I love the most.
I see kids, on their facebook status commenting that they want to get into a relationship when they are barely 13.
Relationship these days seem so fragile, couples break and patch and break again.
People getting together for all other reasons to satisfy they wants except to love and give.
I have made mistakes too. Mistakes that I wouldn’t want to forgive myself for.
Of course we can’t go back in time, to undo things, so we can only look forward!
Whatever it is, all these shits have made me who I am.
For the better or otherwise, I don’t have the answer Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.
But I am who I am today because of my past, may be it was the best arrangement. Maybe it was the only way that I could be the best that I can, at least I can start now :) 


We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.

Moving on, new Year Resolutions for Year 2013?
I would skip this portion this year. Not because it’s the same as year 2012; awkward~

This year, I would like to dedicate this post to all my special dearests.
Precisely this was such a bad year, my ties with some grown stronger :)

Aaron, we have not known each other for long to be exact. Yet the friendship that we have now is so strong. Though we are all grown up now, and we barely have time to meet up, we know that we will be good friends for long, that we would do all we could to protect this friendship. :)

Christine: It was such a pain seeing that jerk hurt you that way earlier this year. Thank God; God always bless good girls like you. I’m so glad you moved one and found your love in the end. You were so brave, so daring. On a side note, you are too selfless. You always do so so much for all the people around you. At the cost of making yourself so tired at times. Love yourself a little more alright? :)

Eunice: If not of the same Fo Tang, I wonder if we would meet still. Life would be in a mess if I don’t have you. I can’t believe how much similar incidents we have went through. Like literally copy and paste. That’s not very nice actually. LOL. Well, that’s precisely why can connect that well too don’t we? You could understand me the way no others would. I don’t have to explain much. I’m so glad I have got you. May we have more opportunities to be there for each other in the years ahead :)

Jia Jia: I’m not too sure if you would have the chance to read this. For a period of time, I was devastated. I thought I lost you. I don’t know what to say, nor what to do. I thought you have changed. We have known each other ever since we were little. It was such a pain. Thankfully, it was over. You wouldn’t know how happy I was when we could talk again like before. Maybe you are still in the age where seeking fun is your top most priority, but don’t neglect certain stuff. Regret is the worst punishment ever. If you need anything, I’m just a call away okay? :)

Jia Min: Soon we would celebrate our 12 years anniversary! Like I have said, you could take off that title from FB anytime; the only condition is that the one that you are having relationship must be with Aaron. You know, the best feeling on earth is when you witness your two best friends get together. I’m so glad you all found each other. :)

Jonathan: You have been such a lovely. Never failed to cheer me up when I needed that. You were always there when I needed you. Like I have said, I looked up to you a lot; such an optimistic gentleman. I really do hope you will find your true love soon; that someone whom deserve you would appear really soon. And so you can be the happiest one on earth; we both agree that that emptiness can only be overcome with love don’t we? :)

Joshua Oh: Nothing is better than having such an awesome neighbor cum bestie! Well, I didn’t expect you to share so much about yourself with me the other day. But I was really happy you did; because it meant that you trust me and that we are closer now, right? I hope that neither of us would move house! I think you would be a good boyfriend next time; you pay attention to little things and would make the effort to go that extra miles. Well, 会顾家的男人都是好男人啦!:)

Joshua Teo: Well to be exact, we aren’t close. But still, you are someone I looked up to so there you go! I miss those little times when you would share your stories because they were always so inspiring. That’s exactly why I idolize you that much. Someone with great ambition, I’m pretty sure you will achieve even more in near future! I hope your grandpa will recover soon. :)

Jun Rong: I admire how direct you are. 直率,超帅的!This year has been hard on us I know. Yet, we have gained some in return like being even closer with our family. I pray with my everything that things will only get better from now on. You have been such a sensible one and should be blessed. I hope we will forge stronger friendship in the years ahead :)

Miao Hui: Longest friendship I guess? Like ever since we were 3? 4? Or 5? I’m really glad that though we have never been in the same school, we are still able to keep in contact somehow. And next year you are finally coming back to BXB. We can have more time or heart-to-heart-talk. :)

Nickie: The one who understands me best; you have always been. We don’t have to call nor talk everyday. Amazingly, we can connect that way still. You are one strong woman. I don’t hope that you would give up and reject all because of him. Trust me, they are the worst that one will ever meet. Nothing will beat us now alright? :)

Pei Hong: Jie jie, I’m so glad I have got you. It’s as if I have had a real jiejie. The way you care and protect and sacrifice and think for others just make you so angelic. I was so happy when you told me that I was chosen as your best friend for that question. May we have greater opportunities to be even closer in upcoming years! And for being such a great listener, thank you :)

Pei Ting: If you were less bimbotic, I guess you would be perfect. LOL, just joking. I love all those little encouragements you gave me; and that you would give me suggestions. Thank you for helping me peer mark many times. For the many little things you did, they actually mean a lot to me. Thank you dear :)

Rong Her: I smiled so widely when you said, “Yes, that’s your smell. I miss you!” With you around, that trip to Taiwan was made worthwhile. I hope that life will do justice to you, so your innocence will stay with you for as long as you live. It would be such a pity if that were being eaten away because of some horrible incidents or people you might meet! Don’t worry, Eunice and I will protect you. :)

Sook hui: You know you are so so much tougher now. Yet I have to remind you, you are no saint. You don’t have to shoulder all the responsibilities everywhere. You have your own life to lead, own expectations to fulfill, own values to hold. I’m so glad that you hang on to RSSB Alumni when most of us were down. Thank you dear :) Really, it’s okay to think for yourself sometimes.

Tanay: Steady do you still love me? Hahaha. Well there aren’t many opportunities for us to catch up this year, but you were always there when I needed to whine and complain. I hope your love would appear soon, so you won’t have to hua-chi everyday and drool over all those hot guys in class. :)

Vinus: I really salute to your 5 years relationship with your prince. Like we have always joke that you guys can start planning for marriage. You are one caring girl and I wanna thank you for helping me stalk people on twitter at times LOL. Okay, that was bad. I won’t do that anymore anyway. :)

Xing Jun: Babe! I’m so glad that I have got you for this whole semester. I would be so lost otherwise. I don’t know if we would be that close still next semester, but you are one awesome person. Fun-loving and full of nonsense and ideas as usual. Let’s work real hard together and do ourselves proud alright? No more skipping of lessons ever if there are webcasts, promise? I mean you have to force me to come to school! :)

Of course this list is not exhaustive.
If you don’t see your name here, you can give me a hug next time when you see me and give me a gentle reminder. LOL.

It’s late and I have passed my sleeping time. I can’t really think now. Pardon me!

Year 2013, please be good. I don’t ask for much, just good health for all.
 It’s my first time, not asking for much.
  I hope it makes a difference.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Merry Christmas Dearests :D

Merry Christmas World :D

A season of blessings and love; one that we all look forward to!
This year, I spent this very special day with my Liang De. I was slightly late and I missed the little kidos performance. Damn!

 God-Mum 1! :D

 God-Mum 2!

Games stall was cool! I won yet they don't give me my pressy *pout*

Playing Police and Thief seems like the most enjoyable part! :D
Love running with all these adorable kids :D

I love my day; did you enjoyed yours? :D

Taiwan Trip 2012 Part 2: EDA Theme Park

Here come the fun factor for this trip!

We visited EDA Theme Park.
It has the largest entertainment theatre and the biggest indoor recreation center in Taiwan!
I have heard from Taiwan qian xian that this was founded by one of our DCS; WOW.

Given my character, it's a die must to try all the crazy rides definitely!
This was the warm up ride. LOL

Performance~ :D
Santa Claus! Kids were all happily dancing!

I had been dying to try on this.
What a disappointment though. Perhaps I have watched to much drama, where they always showcase that it is super romantic to take this ride. >.<
Almost fell asleep on this, look at my sleepy eyes!

Ride: Big Air
Hell yes; I was crying for help up there. -.-
Vertical straight down oh my; left my soul up there. -.-

Ride: Roof Junior Coaster
I enjoyed the scenery up there. I could even see a temple among the trees!

Ride: Some water ride!
Sat at the first row ALONE.
Think too highly of myself! -.-

Okay, I was busy taking all the rides I missed all the theatre performances and did not take much pictures. HAHAHA.

I love the 3D Pirate Ship the most.
It's a haunted house. If you know me well enough, you should know how much I detest horror stuff like this.
Yet, I enjoyed it a lot. Probably it's because of the crowd I went in with!
Galton was initially leading us, and then he called Yong Da to lead with him and he disappear after awhile. Poor little Jia Hui cried went she saw the ghost :( Bad little ghost!
Ivan was the cutest of all I promised. He literally closed his eyes all the way and held on to my bag.
I used the wrong phrase and warn him that there's a flight of stairs in front. So with his closed eyes, he couldn't 'feel' the stairs and start shouting for help that he's lost. I didn't know he was so adorable! :D
Rong Her and Miao Hui was basically screaming behind.

We took super duper long to get out of the house.
The crowd behind almost caught up with us. LOL.

& conclusion, Adrian was the only MAN. HAHAHA.

We went on with pirate ship ride and there was another interesting ride where we would view Taiwan attractions. Damn, I can't recall the name of the ride :( Basically, we are like taking 'airplanes' and were flying. I like that quite a lot too!

On a side note, I felt the ticket price was relatively cheap. Like only S$24? Compared to USS, this is a must visit when you are in Taiwan. Plus they do serve Vegetarian Food; love it! :D

Taiwan Trip 2012 Part 1: 一贯道宝光建德明孝感恩成年礼

My apology that my blog was not updated for more than a week or so!

I went overseas - Taiwan, with my 良德 for this year 台湾寻根之旅。
I went for a total of 8 days! Love it.

There are just too much that I could blog about these 8 days, so I will just blog about these 2 days which I enjoyed myself exceptionally.

This was the second time that 宝光建德 held this event, the first was 7 years ago.

This was the part where we have to part with our parents and go through the 'obstacles'.

Then, we have to walk through this 'tunnel' with our parents, where we are reminded of many times that our parents sacrifice so so much, just for us.

And finally, we were at the big stadium where the ceremony was being held.

The crowd was just insane.
They were an estimated of 20,000 people that day. Gosh!

DCS will help us put on the hat and scarf.

Ah mah so happy! :D

We have to write our wishes and hang it up! :D

Many teared upon receiving the little gifts that their parents prepared for them. For some, it was their first time hugging their parents. After 20 years long or more.
The atmosphere was so touching.

This is one of the most touching one.

Then after the ceremony, we went to buy food.
I can't recall how many stalls there were!

The humid weather caused us to sweat like a pig; but everyone still wear on their wide and beautiful smile. For that we have all attend such a meaningful ceremony. :)

Saw Master Lin, and Ta Da~
Finally a picture with him after 'stalking' for half the stadium! :D

"Say Cheese!"

So why exactly do I enjoy this event that much?

I won't admit that I was reluctant to participate in this initially. Both my parents could not make it for event and what's the point of me going alone anyway?

Yet Lao Mu was so kind to me. I actually saw Ah-Mah the very first day when I reached Shen Wei. :)
I put on the widest smile I ever could and ran forward to give her a big big hug!
She agreed to accompany me for this event. I could not have felt happier then.

Thank You Ah-Mah, so so much.
Albeit  we are not that close because we live quite far apart, I am really grateful that you are willing to stand under the hot sun for 3 long hours straight. :')

If not for you ah mah, this event would not matter so much to me.
I love you! :D

Monday, 24 December 2012

Taiwan Trip 2012 :D

I will blog about my days in this awesome Taiwan trip in a couple of days or two.

So mean time, pictures speak a thousand words ya! :D

Trying too hard to connect to wifi in Shen Wei!

So well taken!
Credits:Rong Her

 This is an amazing mirror gallery! Had so much fun there :D

My new friend, Bernie; awesome guy! And oh gosh, he's of the same age as me. Can't believe it! :O
He looks like a kid!

Fun loving group! Love them :D