Sunday, 30 September 2012


“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”
Met up with dearests after so so long. I miss them a lot.

Though I have not been exceptionally close with them every single one of the ladies in Secondary nor JC, I know they are awesome people.
We can spend hours chatting at the same silly joke and bitching our day away. Quality spent, *giggle

By the way .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAH LAH! We have known each other for 11 years and we have been best friends since!
You know how much I love you; though I still hate the fact that now we are heading to different schools. I have always thought that we will stick together till we are old :(
Go to school together, have our meals together, go to class together (& pon class together hahaha!), join the same CCA, laugh at the same silly shows, and many many more. I won't need new friends then. But I guess I have to get over it!
Maybe then I will treasure all our meet-ups more, and I'm glad I could finally hear you sing :))

And, you SHOULD doll up for that event. Right, dearestS? I am not too sure your feelings towards him, but since you have agreed to attend why not pamper yourself for once and doll up! You can approach Nickie, I'm sure she's more than willing to assist you.

Monday, 24 September 2012

A "social Work" day

"Perhaps the greatest Social Service that can be rendered to anybody by the country and the mankind is to bring up a family."

Had a social work day - went to different organisations and interacted with the social workers there. Much disappointment though, I didnt have the chance to play with the kids at all!
The first place I went to is at Children's Home, there's no more orphanages in Singapore by the way. Albeit there's orphans in these Homes definitely!

The kids there are beautiful, but mostly suffered from hearing impaired.
It's such a rare opportunity to do such visitings; really as cliche as it may be, we should really treasure our lives and stop whining because we are so so much more fortunate.
Love life, live it to the fullest!

And top of that, as you can see there's a mosque near to the church. Such an amazing sight, well I guess  we dont see this in many other parts of the world. Different religions, different cultures all living in harmony!

There's a mini LKY giving a twist; adorable isnt it!
An artist was collecting Singaporeans' signature and compelling it for Sir's birthday present.
I was lucky enough to get into the queue and write a message for my idol and most respectable MM Lee.

I just stumble across this website from Lawrence Wong and it strikes me.
It's worth a read;
I guess we Singaporeans just need reminders like this.
Our generation have not went through any major hardships, have not witness anything like a war. Though it will be too harsh to say that we need to go through all these before we learn to appreciate whatever people out there are dying to long for all these, I cant deny the fact that we are too pampered.
At least most of us are.

Hopefully, soon I hope, all the stereotypes and labels being put on us Singaporeans will go away. Let us prove that we are much more educated, much more appreciative and deserve all the good things.

So, tell me about yourself!

Have you ever consider the role of memory in shaping meaningful experiences in daily life?
Think of the most meaningful event of your life.
Clearly, that event is one of that you remember, among ALL the things you have experienced in your life. we all have certain particular memories that stand out as indicators of meaning.
In fact, hover, everyday life is filled with potentially remarkable moments -  a BEAUTIFUL sunrise, a DELICIOUS meal prepared just for you, an UNEXPECTED telephone call from an old friend. 
Experiencing the richness of everyday life requires us to be attentive and engaged, Sometimes daily chores and problems lead us to feel that we are going through the motions. this sort of mindless living may be a way to survive, but it is unlikely to be a way to thrive. 
Actively engaging in life - investing ourselves in the events of the day - is the way we can assured that our life stories are rich and nuanced. 
That way, when someone asks, "So, tell me about yourself," we have a story to tell!

We had a mini 'surprise' party for him!
09/10 - Nice and friendly people + crazy Cydney who were dancing and singing her hearts out. 
Enjoyed myself :)

Pictures credited to Xin Hua

Saturday, 22 September 2012


"I wanna get married at the age of 18!"
I'm pretty sure most of my friends know that was my dream since I've memory. *bangwallanddie, I'm far away from that.
Single life isn't that miserable actually no responsibility, don't have to account for anybody. But then, you might feel terrible on those lonely nights. You longed to receive a hug or cuddle with your crush. *iknowhowthatfeels.
Then I start to ponder, am I still that old me, who's really looking forward to marriage? Or will I just cry and regret after?
Someone told me that these days, the most worrying thing is that people get into relationship too fast. They don't even know each other and they rush into it. And worst still, getting too involved that regret doesn't even help.
I hope I've grown up over the years. That I'm much more mature in handling relationship. It's always easy to give advices or scream at your best friend and tell them they are obviously blind and wrong. But when it comes back to you, you won't feel that way.
Linger and linger on. Why are we humans so so weak? Of should I say we are sentiment beings that's why we just can't let go of certain things when making decisions.
I wonder how people do it when they assured others they won't let their emotions obstruct them from their work, their performance. Is it possible in any way? *hmmm.

On a side note, I still wanna get married okay. I guess it's all girls, or most girls dreams? To be a princess for once and lead that happy ever after days. *cantblameme; I'm the typical girl too!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Identity of ours - Do we have one?

As I sat alone in Changi, taking a sip of my all-time-favourite double chocolate, I start to glance around after rushing through my SEA Essay which was died today. (I didn't know until Jun called me). Thankfully, Wan Ching was so kind to me she helped me rushed and dropped the hard copy in Ms Ng's pigeon hole. Made it just in time.
Back to the topic, I looked around, trying to find something "Singapore", something "Southeast Asia". Blame it on my essay, make me wonder much. The restaurants, the merchandise outlets, even the designs of buildings , the way people dress themselves; albeit don't look foreign, they don't belong to us. The origins were not rooted here.
I start to ponder, of we southeast asians can really only be identifiable as the foreigners of Europe? Don't we have our identity?
I found one - not really for SEA but rather a unique character of Singapore.
This logo that's say, "please reframe from studying during peak hours". I don't see that as a bad thing by the way. At least it shows that we Singaporeans are hard working people. I like to see it that way! :D
Inclusive of myself *proud*.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Apology VS Ego

Apology doesn't mean that you were wrong, or the other party was right.
It just means that your relationship is more valuable than your ego.

Dear readers,
How many times we allowed a relationship to be ruined in our hands because we couldn't utter the three words I am sorry?
We gave ourselves a myriad of excuses like maybe I would make things worst if I were to approach the other party, or I cannot give in all the time otherwise I would be lowering myself to the point that the other party will take me for granted, or worst still, finding fault in the other party.
Have you actually think how shallow you were?
How BIG your ego was and you allowed such a beautiful relationship just slipped because it was a fact that you could not swallow your pride.

Of course I have make mistakes like this, ample times in fact.
I need a reminder like this one.
Just saying, I know how tough it can be at times.

When I realized, I'm aging in progress


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Don't Look Back

Dear past, I have tried way too many times and failed.
So please, don't tap on me.
I'm leaving you here.
Please be good and don't come running after me, again.