Sunday, 28 July 2013

For some laugh; life has been amazing!

I need some time to blog about my marvellous experiences for my internship in care corner and social work camp 2013, which both have ended on a beautiful note.

So for now, this shall be a little entertainer for all! :D

Monday, 22 July 2013

NDP Theme Song 2013

One Singapore! 
This year NDP theme song was released on youtube 3 days back (18 July). 
I felt so bad when I saw the number of dislikes were so much more than the number of likes; too much in fact. 

Well, it may be a very different song compared to past years. Maybe to some it may sound a little childish, maybe to some it doesn't embrace NDP that much, maybe to some the song itself doesn't reflect a story. 

Yes, a STORY. 
If you ask a random passer-by, I'm pretty certain that out of 10, 9 would vote their favourite NDP song to be Home.

Home is an old song. A familiar melody that most Singaporeans can hum or sing along to. A song that many artists had re-sang different versions. 
The cover above is sang by many famous local artists in the year 2010. :) 

Home is a perfect example of the type of NDP song that most Singaporeans prefer. A song like Home naturally reminds citizens the common things we have went through together as a nation, and a reminder for this special occasion (Country's birthday). 

I know the importance of reminders, especially on meaningful occasion this big. Yet, once in a long while, we can embrace simple happiness too. I feel good watching the MV of the new NDP song. One Singapore is a song that's easy to remember, a song that most of us can dance to. 

Maybe, maybe some of the critics are right. That the song may hold less meaning. But it doesn't help if they were to just comment without giving insightful inputs isn't it? Don't just critic as though you are some professionals when you can't compose a better piece. 

It just remind me of JJ's song for YOG in 2010. 
Yes, they may not have composed a piece very well liked by many. But they have tried, and shouldn't they deserve credits for their efforts? 

It's just so irritating. NDP theme song is suppose to pull us together, a melody that we can all sing and have fun together. Yet, it became such a mess. I mean, (I'm not arrowing anyone), if anyone does have better inputs on how a better NDP song can be composed, maybe you could voice it out in constructive manner. And maybe, next year we will be singing the song you composed and we will embrace it together as a nation. 

Because putting another person down doesn't make you in any better position. 
The comments under the youtube video are just too nasty, too unbearable. Argh. 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bishan Park

Bishan Park is a major park in Singapore, located in the popular heartland of Bishan. The riverine park is situated between Bishan and Ang Mo Kio housing estates, along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1.

The park was constructed in 1988, and is one of the biggest and most popular parks in Singapore. Amenities in the park include Aramsa Spa, a children's playground, a frequently-used dog run, a Garden Spa, cycling and running tracks, an inline skates rental outlet as well as a couple of F&B outlets.

Many types of plants can be found in the park including the Chinese Fan Palm and Phoenix Palm. A flower garden called Frangipani Garden and a vegetable garden called Green Vibes Garden accompany the scenic lakes and shaded lawns to offer some of the best relaxation spots for picnics and family gatherings.

I just found so many gems here in this park :D

And too, there were 2 large dance groups (elderlies). They were certainly enjoying themselves, sweating out in a Sunday morning.

And so I remember to give thanks to the clean air that I can breathe in; not to take things for granted.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Because music is the soul

I was so amazed when I saw this video; it's as though humanity is restored.
Of course there are people out there who do not believe that they actually just met online recently, but that isn't the point.

What happens if everyone can afford to attend music school? I wonder what beauty can we attain. Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

This video just give hope to so many things. :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

For all JM; Stories Untold.

Perhaps only JM can relate to this;

Maybe in this world, there are just too many by the name of Lin Jun Jie. Yet, no one can come as close to that single-eyelid, forever smiling with his adorable dimples, and very talented composure him. Yes, JJ Lin (Wayne).

I have been told ample times, that I am too crazy over him. I have been told too many times, that this is childish. Yet, I have stopped explaining myself. For that I'm clear, it is precisely he has many good pointers to learn from him. For that I'm clear, it is the idolisation over the years, that slowly build into love.

If you know how much I love JJ, please do not reprimand him in front of me. For that I will feel worst than being criticised.
If you know how much I love JJ, please do not doubt his capabilities, for that he has been working very hard on his dream.
If you know how much I love JJ, please respect me for loving him this way.

Possibly in your eyes, JJ may not be that good; but he has never stop giving his best.
Possibly in your eyes, JJ may not be that good-looking; but he has a kind-heart.

I love him, for being real, adorable, and forth-coming.
I love him, for focussing so hard on his dream.
I love him, for being genuine and grateful.

Through these 10 years, JJ has grown so much.
Yet he never once compromises to give less for his music.
One of his greatest fears is disappointing his fans, which became his biggest motivation.

JJ always tear in all his concerts.
Some say he is too fake, yet these people do not understand how much he appreciates his fans.

JJ, thank you for always holding on to that promise you made to us. That as long as you still have your voice, you would always sing for us.
Despite that 2009 incident, when you almost lost your vocals, you braved on and fought even harder. Thank you for always working so hard, giving your best and more.

It's a blessing to be able to hear him sing.
I pray that for the next 10 years, his music will still be that one thing that accompanies me.
It's more than enough. :)

This is a song dedicated to all his fans, in his newest album: Stories Untold.

Remember, Forever.
If you have been a JM, you would definitely find the melody familiar. It's a combination of most of his pieces for the past 10 years, and dedicating his gratitude to his fans, or rather friends.