Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I officially turned 20 in this fabulous month of February!

I had my first celebration (and Ariel's) with Study Buddies.
Andrew, Ariel, Xing Jun and myself.

We went to Thai Express at JCube for dinner that night.
Andrew treated all of us to dinner. How sweet!
And Xing Jun gave the cutest reply, "It's not even my birthday!"

We headed to PIQUE NIQUE next. :)
Website: http://www.piquenique.com.sg

We couldn't decide which dessert to go for, we were so full.
Yet, all the cakes look so damn good!

We should meet up more often :D

My birthday falls on the 人日, 初七 this year.
It means everyone's birthday; how special!

I started my day with a simple lunch with a few AJCSB people at my daddy's stall.
It has been so long since we last meet up!

Boon Chang gave me a present and exclaimed, "Nah, I owe you last year de" LOL
I'm sorry I had to rush off that day, but I really appreciate you guys crawling out of your bed just to catch up for that short while.

We will meet up again soon when all return back to homeland alright?
Jiayou in Thaliand, Taiwan, Brunei etc.!

I went for 09/10 gathering after :)
Pretty Queenie :D

Cute Phyllis :)

Small Head Xiao Feng :)

Siao siao Sufancia :)

Trying to act tall Xin Hua :P

BFF Shaun :D

I was having a hard time trying to learn this card game (I don't even rmb what's the name of the game).
Sorry Shu Min >.<

Lou Hei! :D
And celebrated our birthdays - Chii Ming's and mine!
Thank you :D

KBOX soon! I promise I'll join! :D

De Shu's reunion dinner that night :D

Lou Hei again & Steamboat YAY.
Thanks for all the well wishes, be it that you rmb or were just following the crowd - HAHAHA
I will listen to the C.D. soon Jon!

On a side note, so many of our birthday fall on Feb.
Let's go celebrate soon :D

Favourite Soy Green Tea Latte

Jia Min's Hot Chocolate - looking good! Yummy! :D

Managed to meet up with Jia Min after so long, not for celebration, but I love that long talk.
It has been so long since we last catch up, and it seems we have endless to talk about!

We saw Lucas and Paul in Bucks too - hope they did well for their paper today!

And my dearest Jia Min managed to get a job as a dental assistant. How cool :D
Jiayou alright :D

Met up with gorgeous Eunice and Rong Her - like finale like that LOL.
We went Herbivore Restaurant for dinner that night.

I previously did a post on this restaurant: http://perkypecky.blogspot.sg/2012/12/herbivore-japanese-western-vegetarian.html
Since this post is meant to thank my dearests, I will not go into introducing the food and doing reviews alright!

I really love how the 3 of us could talk about the same thing over and over again, yet we still find so much joy in it! <3 :D

Rong Her's dinner


And Eunice's!

Thank you all.
Thank you to all my dearests who texted me your well wishes. 
Thank you to all of you who wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook.
I'm sorry I didn't thank all the 102 of you individually, but I really do appreciate that. 

I know I'm blessed. I will learn to give more in return, like how much you guys shower me with love and care selflessly :')
Thank you for making me feel that I'm special and loved!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Roma's Deli Vegetarian - Bugis & Ah Boys to Men 2

I went a date with my cousin, Yue Shi for the first time as our initial plans with other cousins were being cancelled.

Managed to met Ron in the noon before he flew off the next day. And I just came to realised we went to the same school, same course. I'm like walking the same path, after him. LOL.
From same PSLE score, to AJC, then NUS FASS.
Albeit we aren't taking the same major.

Yue Shi was really disappointed that morning as we had to cancel our initial plans. And so, I agreed to accompany her out because PSLE is coming soon and she would not be able to afford time for outing.

We first went for a movie at Suntec City.
Suntec is currently under some minor renovation and we had to take a big turn to enter. Damn.

We watched Ah Boys to Men 2; something that I have been craving for so long. :)
I'm always a big fan of Jack Neo's movie; or rather, I am a big fan of local talents. :D

And I love movies like this, where you e the characters in the movie grow, for better.
My favourite actor wuld be Lobang - 王伟良
It is not that I have a thing for "bad guys" who are full of nonsense and crazy ideas, but the fact that he is a loyal one. Loyalty is a plus plus point! <3
Like I have shared in SW tutorial, I rather Tord doing the wrong thing than Gregory not doing anything at all!

Jack Neo just shared the news that there will be Ah Boys to Men 3. Kudoos! I just hope that it is still a as fun one :)
They have all been posted to different places ald. So I'm not too sure if they are shifting focus to a new batch of people or whatsoever. In any case, I'm looking forward to it. :D

Yue Shi was craving for Roma Deli's baked rice, and so, we headed there next for dinner.

My expectations were high, and it is located in the food paradise. This place is located in the Shaw Towers, opposite Suntec City.

Roma's Deli Vegetarian Location: #01-23, 100 Beach Road
Shaw Towers Contact: 62934585
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

We ordered a set meal, served with mushroom soup, a drink, garlic bread and a main course.
The set meal cost only $11.00 and I felt that it is really worth the price.

Yet, I felt the meal was quite a disappointment.
The mushroom soup was rather blend, no aroma.
And the bread, it was just rough and hard.

I ordered the Bacon Mushroom Baked Rice.
The bacon was just tasteless mock meat, and it was bad.

I barely finished half of it. :(
Maybe I'm a little too picky when it comes to Italian Food - Yes, I'm quite a big fan of it.

If you have yet to be there, you should.
The price is considered fairly cheap!
Well, my subjective preference may differ quite a lot from many.
So do let me know your feedback or other must try dishes if you are heading there. :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Engaging in senseless thought in a lonely night

Bloody move on.
I turned around, and am still turning, too many times.
And yes, it's too tempting.
Now, I'm dreaming for the impossible.
Hopes dashed.
So much so to undo things; so much so to live up to expectations.

You have heard of it; we all did.
That, "nothing is too late".
But what do we meant by nothing?
It very much just is, the twisting the words; forcing to think and look from another.

We all know happiness is a choice.
Yet, sometimes we are just too tired suddenly.
Because to stay happy, we need to think of reasons. Reasons that make our day or anything, better.
And so, sometimes we felt as if we are lying ourselves.
Sometimes we felt that we are a coward who just can't face our own feelings.
So tell me, what is right?

What is right, and what is wrong?
What is then the truth, and what is then a lie?

Confused. Confused?
Can one really be confused with their own feelings?
Or is one just running away from facing their own feelings?

God, this post just makes no sense.

P.s. If you are looking at the moon right now, you can spot Jupiter - as the brightest star - below it :)
Credits to: Kenneth Leong

Saturday, 16 February 2013

The most beautiful dream, ever.

Joshua Oh texted me, 15 mins before 12 midnight and so, he was the first to give me his blessings this year.
I lied down on my bed after, not attending to my phone no more.
I sang myself a birthday song in my head and made my one and only wish this year - good health.
I fall asleep soon after and had the most beautiful dream ever.

I was in a white dress, and I walked towards a beautiful garden.

There, butterflies were fluttering around me.
There were chairs arranged, all covered with white cloth and a black ribbon.
There were pink balloons attached to the chairs too.

I took a step forward, and there, my idol was in front.
In front of his favourite instrument, he gave me his sweetest smile and played a melody.
I started singing along too although I can't recall what song it was.

Then, the best moment came.
There were more and more voices and went I turned around, all my favourite people were there, behind a gigantic strawberry shortcake!

The guys queued up and each came with a stalk of red rose, while the girls gave a peck on my check.
I teared like nobody's business by then. :')

My idol was gone by then ( I totally forgot about him - dreams don't really flow do they?).
Then each group staged up a performance.
I saw Fantastic Four, Foodies Sisters, LDQSN, "I like to study" buddies, AJCSB, SW Beauties, Lovely Cousins, etc.
I even saw people I have not met in ages, 2/7; 09/10 etc.!

And it was time to head home.
My beautiful family were waiting for me and they all gave their tightest hug ever.
Everyone was looking great, everyone.

All wear on their smile with rosy checks, looking really healthy.
This is probably the most beautiful dream I had ever dreamt of.
It is so beautiful I don't need it to happen in real life.
Because it has reminded me that I am love. :)

Thank you god, thank you all.
For this dream, is the best present for this year.
I like it a lot. :')

p.s. Idol, JJ Lin.

Friday, 15 February 2013

BMTC Tekong Visit - Didi Enlistment

Didi Enlisted 2 days back; a day before valentines!

I was struggling to go for class or to send him off initially.
And I was glad I made the right one; it will be 2 weeks time before I can next see him again. Misses.

We were waiting for shuttle bus!


And tadaa! We are on the boat :D

I hated the ride because I have motion sickness, and the boat was rocking like nobody's business!

And so, a tour around Tekong!

Dad and Mum were crazy!
THEY WERE COMPLAINING HOW EASY THESE OBSTACLES ARE; and that even they can do it without much effort. JOKER.

Actually, I don't think that they are that many complain kings and queens in Singapore!
There were only just a handful of them who kept complaining consistently and make it seem as though the whole nation thinks the exact same way they did. 

Most dads were like exclaiming how good the life of a soldiers are these days; they were nothing close to what they have went through back then. *Salute*

But oh well, like what the sergeant has explained, they are fighting urban wars now; differ greatly from those days. Training has to cater for the essential skills to fight urban wars; unlike those days! 

And so, the recited their pledge :')

Had our last meal together before bidding goodbye to Didi!
It was a beautiful day :)

Didi called back last night, and said that soon after we left, they started to scold them. Damn!

But well, NS isn't a time to enjoy, but to learn and train.
To serve and protect your nation, your loved ones.

 Do not count each passing day, but make each passing day counts alright! :D