Thursday, 16 August 2012

First week in NUS

I thought I would write some endless essay about my first week being an undergrad - after all it's my dream school since I was little!
Though I don't really have a dream course but I just love NUS so much. Because it has always been Singapore no1 university!

But .. forget about it;
Just a simple post, something small that pretty much sums up everything! I'm super excited and looking forward to learn new things,! A huge jump for me taking an art course - have always been a science student!

I hope the motivation stays and I'll do myself & my family proud!
So I can be a good role model for my younger bros.
And hopefully one day each & everyone of us will be wearing a robe and a mortar board on our head, taking a family portrait together!

Monday, 13 August 2012

New chapter of my life!

It's my first day of school in NUS and I can't wait! I'm so so excited for school :D
& I've passed my driving I'm so happy!
I can finally drive on a road - I've got a license!
On a side note, I've permed my hair and I kinda regretted because it's way too curl. Maybe I didn't explain myself clearly :(

Monday, 6 August 2012

Once upon a time,

The hardest thing was energy level. Not only my energy level, it's everyone's energy level. Everyone's exhausted but I set the tone. So if everyone sees that I'm tired, they have all the reason to be tired. So I pretended that Im fine. But the truth is, Im tired.

We all very exhausted but we are very fortunate & blessed to be healthy & we can do what we love to do. THIS MOMENT IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR.
God, this moment test us. & we know it's a test from you guys. & we know we can handle it.
Lord, give us all the confidence & take away all negativities. Let's us all enjoy ourselves & have fun
In the end you just have to do it. Give me mine, & everything will just fall in place.