Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wrong to go under the knife?

We all know that this topic has been going on for quite some time.
Is it really wrong to go for surgery just to beautify oneself?
I personally think that it is the same as achieving permanent make-up.
I don't think anyone will go around to make alot of noise when someone puts on make-up, right?
Yes, some may think the it is not right to change whatever daddy god has given us.
But yet think again, if that realt helps that someone have more confident and able to face himself and the society, there are actually more harm than good right?
Well, of course not to a point when oneself become to obsess with appearance.
And how much is enough is a very subjective thing and I shouldn't elaborate more.
The only message I'm trying to get across is, please do not judge those who go under the knife as someone who's a weird.
Give them back their dignity.

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