Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Life story of Tae-Ho

A story about an extraordinary little boy, name Tae-Ho.

This was a clip shown to me during my Social Work lecture yesterday. The very reason I love Social Work lectures, lecturers always share inspiring clips & videos. One that which will make us reflect.

I pray that Tae-Ho's health will get better. I don't know how, but I hope his positiveness will stay him for a life time. As a child, he has yet to face the world outside. A much more cruel place, where not everyone will give in to him. I pray that he could always stay this strong, that his world would always be such a beautiful place.
Albeit putting this aside, he's ald one amazing boy. How many could actually pull through this? He doesn't even see himself as someone who's disabled, let alone handicap. He strive to be a someone who could be of great help to many.

It's good to watch these inspiring videos once in a while, to serve as a reminder, that we should place our focus on a bigger picture. Be grateful rather than demanding; live your life to the greatest, live a life worth living.
I know motivation doesn't stay. But we always have a choice in life. So, for my one friend who told me you are giving up life, I hope you will change your mind. Because you could still become someone so so great. :)

Friday, 26 October 2012


Thank Guan Yin it's Friday; a really long weekend.
Well, being a multi racial country we are privileged to be granted so many holidays, YAY.

Finals are coming up in a month, just boo boo! I know.
But hey wait, that means holidays are coming too! I can smell them.

I will probably have to control myself = No blogging and FB and Instagram these days! Okay NO is too strong a word, let me lower it down a level to not so often.

So to play safe, come back in a month time. If things go well, I should be able to go to Tai Wan after Finals. BUT, it's really sad. Because mummy daddy and both di di not going. It will be fun still, I know :) & most importantly, to learn!

Till then, have fun and enjoy life!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Neighbour Unite! :D

 Yay! Joshua finally came back to Singapore; though I'm not sure when he's sailing off to again.
So we met up; started talking about all the ghost stories; BOOOO!

Hahaha, super cute right! Guess it was too bright; the flash I mean!

I like this shot a lot, thanks Josh! *newprofilepicture YAY

Didn't show face still better right? OH well!
Why am I suan-ing myself, hmmm~

On a side note, you better teach me guitar!

Oh ya he gave me souveniers and I just saw this really sweet note!

Meet up again & make full use of your DSLR okay!
*Smirk; somebody don't know how to use, like at all! HAHAHA

Extension of 1 Hour for USS Halloween Nights 2

Perhaps I am a little slow, but I just saw this being posted by Resort World at Sentosa:

Well, how unlucky could I be right?
Although I am not too sure if an additional 1 hour will help a lot, but definitely an additional ride or house is good!

Crowd control is definitely needed next year I suppose.
Not just to sell as many tickets as they want; and couldn't deliver it or satisfy MOST customers.
That's just bad.

I saw some of the really funny things that people feedback about.

Here it is;

Seriously? :(

Totally Agree!

& Remember I mentioned apart the complimentary tickets from the following event?

They promised us that the tickets are available for entrance on ANY days.
Which was rather weird because there is a validity date stated on the tickets.
When we called Resort World Sentosa, they just pass the calls to one another. & finally they decided to push the blame to the Cathay. Well Done.

Spoilt my image of Resort World totally.
& not to mention, the Cathay have yet to contact us to date. Oh well.
Just upset.

I am not saying that their events are a boo-boo. In fact I have to compliment that I really like the effects and their ability to transform the whole place into such a great-atmosphere in an hour or so. But what came after, the way their handle their customers and pushing the blame away are just so unprofessional.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Fire shoo; stay away from NUS!

As quoted from Rahman, this is what happened in NUS Engine LT today!
Today's lecture was on thermodynamics/heat. When the lecturer pressed something and next smoke came out, he said,"This is not part of the demonstration."

 Oh my, that's just bad. Twice in a year; fire incident I meant.
Lady luck please watch over NUS, she hasn't been on any good luck recently.
From fire incident in Engine Block a month or two ago, to the Law student who didn't think before acting or saying anything, to monkeys crawling into our school; and now, back to fire incident.

I so hope this isn't a vicious cycle! That will just be really bad.
And yes, I agree that those busy taking pictures and videos are just disgraceful.
Did nothing; or probably there's only so much they could do. :(

Oh well.

Bless NUS!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

USS Halloween Horror Nights 2 Review

Shall skipped the part about complimentary tickets not being able to be used for admission. & TICKETS WERE SOLD OUT. Oh no. Thank god we managed to get all 4 tickets in the end, somehow! *secret, hahaha!

It was pouring, lightnings and thunders roaring. Boo!
Everyone has to cover themselves with raincoats.
As I mentioned, tickets were sold out. So, I guess you can imagine how crazy was the crowd.

When we went in, the first queue we saw - doll house - was insanely long. 50 mins long; that's just bad.
So we decided to walk further down and check out other haunted houses first.

We had to walk through this "death street". If you have watched the walking dead, you will probably understand what I am driving at! Yes, they were all imported from the show to that street. Not literally. But damn, it was scary. I cant recall how I managed to survived walking pass that street. Disgusted hahaha!

By the way, it's stated there are 4 night rides right? They are the Humans, Cyclon, Mummies & Transformers! If you have been to USS I would suggest to skip all the rides and just go with the haunted houses ya? Because there aren't additional effects to suit this Halloween Theme for these rides. *Upsetmuch

Queued for 2hours for one of the haunted houses located at the water performance area.
Yup, you got me. 2hours. We just spent all out $ on queuing. They should have entertainment along the way :( Or perhaps, have a bigger house! $68 a ticket isn't a small sum, I was expecting more.

& to mention that due to the rain, one of the street was closed. Oh my.

Back to the haunted house - all the insane people were there!
The effects were pretty cool. All caged up and gave that bloody stares. Cheered one of the patient on, I dont know why I did that. Told her to hang on, dont die under the doctor. & RAN afterwards, worried they would chase after me hahaha!
I was horrified when I saw their canteen! You just got to be there to witness for yourself! :D

Hahaha, but thats such a waste of my money! It's okay.
Thankfully I have good companions! I will upload the pictures as soon as I have them for Aaron. But, they are so pathetic.
We didnt have enough time to take pictures with the "ghosts" and mascot and they have to knock off ald. Damn. Taking pictures with all the statue is just so .. PATHETIC.

 In any case, if you havent get your ticket yet, I would suggest you to get the express tickets instead! Additional $30, and you can visit all their houses and rides. Worth it, really! Or you can queue up really early and run to the first house immediately you entered USS.

On a side note, they are amazing. Given their ability to transform the whole USS into such a horrifying place within an hour! It's just WOW. :) & really salute to all the mascot! They have to pretend to be insane for a continuous of 4-5hours. Plus giving that bloody stares with their really big eyes. I wonder how they managed to! HAHAHA.

Had supper after - bought food from 7-11 and sat infront of Lake of Dreams.
There were people playing truth of dare. Cute people!

Walked towards Vivo after; quite a good place to chill out.
But that route just reminded me of some nasty memories, or a someone instead.
 Shared with Gordon, not the full story but glad that he was willing to listen.
Well, Aaron and Jia Min know what I am talking about ..

Pretty fun. Listening to songs, just lay down and look at the sky. Imagining and forcing the clouds to look like something; and checking out BFF praying they will hold their hands. Awww~
I dont like city life, but once in a long while, with such a great scenario, it feels great. :)

I had much fun!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Halloween 2012 - here I come!

Met up with my new friend, Gordon yesterday. Not exactly new but we are good friends now! Went for a dinner at Park Mall Lau Di Fang and I was late. Oh my, like as usual. I should really start to do some reflection on this - Guilty! :(

Thank goodness I wasn't that late, otherwise they will be no seats left! It's a Sat night, what else can we expect apart from the crowds right?

Decided to go for Rocher Tau Huay after.
On a side note, Gordon was so lazy, he thinks it's super far *faint!
Yay, I am so glad we did go in the end!

There is an ongoing promotion booth at The Cathay, LI External Atrium. There is this super duper mini "haunted-house" exhibition there!
After MUCH deliberation, we decided to check that out. I swear I was damn scared and I told the dude there I will come back to him if he lied that it's not scary! 
Hahaha, basically there are just "corpses" and a lot of mirrors! CHEYYYYYYYY

When we were out, Muttons approached us, told us to go in and give it a try!
So being honest little kids, we told him we actually went in ald. And being a someone nice, they said they will give a gift if we answered their question correctly.

"When is the first day of the Halloween Horror Nights held in USS this year"
Gordon was basically staring at the super big banner and they went, "you are staring at the answer!"
So I said let's do this together, & we both went "19 October"!

How lucky we could be right! *SO HAPPY!

So if any of you are passing by that area, do drop by and hopefully you could get this awesome free tickets too!

Went Lasalle for htht after.

Tau Huay was DAMN nice; yup, it was my first time having Rocher Tau Huay how pathetic!

I dont know if I would survive the Halloween event, I keep imagining the dolls there kidnapping me and whatsoever *GASPS!

But I have decided to go for it! My first time attending a Halloween Event, think it will super fun!
Lah Lah we will scream together and scare them away instead okay! :DD

P.s. Lah Lah went Bangkok today! Please come back in one piece, I love you! & don't forget my lovely presents! Heehee!

Joyce Beauty @ Bukit Batok

Joyce Beauty @ Bukit Batok
(5 minutes walk from the MRT station).
Contact No: 9274 4559

Okay my first post on Facial.
This is a home-based facial. I'm blogging about this because of her excellence service.
I was late for almost for an hour because of the previous dental appointment I had (Dentist was late for almost 1.5 hours).

Joyce is a very polite lady, and always welcome people with her warm smile. Her room is very cosy, and take care of almost every need one has. You can find the price of different facial treatments she provides below.

And the best part of her service? Unlike every other places, Joyce would not force anyone to buy her product. You just have to book your appointment in advance and that's all she ask for. She's not pushy at all, so much less stressful when heading there for facial.

Furthermore, she provides a free eye mask for all first-timer! It's a must go! :D

The tea that she brews daily smells so good and comforting. :) 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Knowledge is Universal :)

I was having English lesson today and it was drizzling outside. I was practically shivering even though i had my jacket on. It was 8 a.m. in the morning, dozing off in class for that really dry class ..

Then Ms Chung shared this really inspiring thing about Education and i thought it would be really nice to share with you dear readers.

 IF YOU WANNA COMPETE YOU AREN'T THE PEOPLE WHO'S SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. University is a shared leaning not competition. 
That there is something really wrong with the practices here, where parents instil that mentality in children since young that if you fail you are useless.
 Shame is always attached with failure. That if you were to retain you are just a failure.
Ms Chung then shared with us that she felt really okay if her children cannot promote.
Staying back doesn't mean it's shameful it just means you are not ready. 
So true!
Being open and appreciative of the wisdom of other human beings is one of the best ways to gain understanding of the world. Not only that but being open minded is one of the best things you can do as a person, as it will help you learn more and progress faster in all areas of life.  
Maybe it is really time for us to adopt a new mentality. I'll start with myself. I'll try my best! I'll share my notes and feel comfortable with it instead of being paranoid that I will lose out - that's really a loser mentality. Maybe the other party might spot my mistakes and correct me. In a way "我赚到哦!"

Remember, Knowledge is Universal! :D

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Shoo Monday Blues!

I'm so proud of myself that I survived such a long day - Monday.
12 hour of school with group presentation to kick of my day! Tried way to hard to concentrate in World Religions Lecture, not that it's boring nor is the lesson dry, I'm just tired. 
Actually I realised my belief is very much related to Hinduism, even closer than Buddhism. 
Cycle of life, Karma, and most importantly, God is formless and take up any form - see the paradox here? I will share about my belief perhaps in the next post or something.
The worst was Psychology Mid-Term. We waited for more than 30 minutes before they allowed us into the exam venue. Delayed :(( I hope I will do good enough to pass this module!

Speaking about Monday Blues, I don't usually experience it often.
So I will share how I usually manage to kick away Monday Blues!

  1. I will wear my BEST clothes or my favourite colour! Clothes could affect the way I feel about myself very much. 
  2. Give yourself little treats in the MORNING.I will make sure I have a good breakfast before I head for lesson. :))
  3. Listen to HAPPY songs – allow happy songs be the soundtrack to your Monday. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of happy songs, I prefer classical music or heartbreak songs (-.-) on every other day. But I just need happy songs on Monday so I can have a good week ahead!
  4. Dance - just move that body! Jog in place, stretch, do yoga; you’ll feel less lethargic! Laugh and smile. Having a good jog in the evening after a long day, sitting down on the stone bench strumming your guitar makes life feel so good! (Okay wait till I know how to play a guitar correctly oh myyyy)
  5. Most importantly, keep reminding yourself that TODAY is a good day! Stick positive messages around your wallet, notes or phone. CHOOSE to feel happy. If you don’t already know, being happy is a choice, so choose happiness!

It works for me - the above 5 rules!; & I hope it will for you too. 
Let me know the results ya? :D

Monday, 1 October 2012

Dinner with lovely :)

Had a great dinner with lovely last Tuesday, it has been a month or so since we last met. University life is one of the main factors I suppose? Heavy commitment, less time for love ones.

Jerome Lim: very talented and handsome young man. I looked up to him a lot :)
Jon Foo: very cheerful and adorable – one of my sources of inspiration.
Christine: a brave young lady with a big heart.

Since both of us are studying in the same school, we met up first and had salted caramel ice-blended.
Didn’t want to move our butt after, hahaha – pleasant atmosphere!
We started talking about JC life, and of course band life.

She started blaming me, that I was the one who caused the downfall of SYF because I betrayed AJ Band.
Not in that way don’t worry!
Because I idolized someone from the only gold-with-honours band – and is a someone important in their committee.
And I was trying so hard to defend for myself, what a funny topic!

Maybe I will share why I idolize this someone;

He’s not my eye candy or whatsoever don’t get the wrong idea, but he’s still an amazing person. My main source of inspiration at that point of time. I was whining so much until he shared he’s experiences with me. And wow, I changed my perception towards him (not that I have anything against him), looked up to him then.

I have no idea since when then rumours spread that I had a crush on him. I have a bunch of cute friends, still doing so in JC life hahaha!

When we are in despair, we almost feel as though we are the worst in the world, that everyone else should sympathies us. But have you pause and think, what’s the point of doing so? What’s the point of presenting a weak self – to prove that you are incapable? Well, I think that if we were to have this blessing to have access to the Internet (otherwise you won’t be reading this now hmmm :/), it only means that we are having a not-too-bad life as compared to the third world people. Nothing can get as bad. If you are really suffering from something unbearable, just open up and ask for help.

Embrace life, live it to the fullest when you are still healthy and young!