Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Not in the same place, at the same time

One will never really understands the weight of his actions or words to someone else. Maybe it's not about any thing in particular that has happened but pent up anger from a long time ago, and the inability to cope with it and everything that is going on.

Too overwhelming and too many voices contained in an area so small that it suffocates. Too many people telling you there is something wrong with you that you start thinking it is true because you don't have anything to say in your defences.

So many so many, feel wronged and victimised.

God, so many people are in a hurry to the next best thing. But I want to learn to enjoy what you have paced before me. Sometimes I need to be slowed down so I can soak up in this impressive world I live in.

God, please teach me how to allow myself to be happy and enjoy the good things you bring. Please help to slow me down and shut my mouth. Please allow the good to flow to me.

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