Monday, 22 October 2012

Fire shoo; stay away from NUS!

As quoted from Rahman, this is what happened in NUS Engine LT today!
Today's lecture was on thermodynamics/heat. When the lecturer pressed something and next smoke came out, he said,"This is not part of the demonstration."

 Oh my, that's just bad. Twice in a year; fire incident I meant.
Lady luck please watch over NUS, she hasn't been on any good luck recently.
From fire incident in Engine Block a month or two ago, to the Law student who didn't think before acting or saying anything, to monkeys crawling into our school; and now, back to fire incident.

I so hope this isn't a vicious cycle! That will just be really bad.
And yes, I agree that those busy taking pictures and videos are just disgraceful.
Did nothing; or probably there's only so much they could do. :(

Oh well.

Bless NUS!

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