Friday, 6 September 2013

Be Generous; Be Grateful

Today was a good day.

Thursday is a day I dread of; plus the pour this morning was just too much.
Being the only person who alighted at the bus-stop, I have no choice but walk in the storm. God pitied me, and sent me an angel. There he was, sheltered me and ask me if I needed an umbrella.

I placed a note next to his car after school (but I guess it's all wet by the time he sees it :( oh no). Thank you so much for starting my day right.

Being an Aquarius, it was predicted that I would get pretty down today. No, I couldn't figure out a single reason. Everything went well today, and I was anticipating JJ being interviewed by FM Yes 933.

Exhausted, I soon fall asleep after bathing and drying myself. There's praying session tonight. Waking up late, I had to rush through my dinner and preparation. I forgot about the broadcast, long-forgotten. You could imagine how frustrated I was when I finally managed to recall it after praying session. Even Eunice couldn't cheer me up, feeding me with food.

I have no idea what got over me this year; I don't know why in a way, it felt worst than a breakup (exaggerating). And then, this video. I chanced upon this video at the right moment.

Disclaimer: The above long-winded story (and a boring one) has no meaning to what this post and the following video is about.

I'm not too sure if someone cut onions or what, but I could not stop tearing.
If you have about 12 minutes or so of your life to spare, please watch this video. (There's English translation :))

Sometimes we know that we are not obligated to do certain things. Yet, there is something especially important to everyone. Everyone.

Although it may not be linked directly, I drew different thoughts after the video.

When was the last time you give your loved ones a hug and tell them you love them?

I'm saying this because I'm extremely guilty towards my parents. It was my daddy's birthday 2 days ago, but I forgot about it completely. So in the midnight, I wrote a really short message on a normal A4 paper for him. I placed it on the desk in the living room, so that would be the first thing he sees the next morning.

He always treasures every single little thing I gave for him. Even if it's real ugly, he would still keep it somewhere safe. Sometimes back, I flipped through my mum's cardboard because she wanted me to help look for some documents. There, I saw all the cards I drew for her. Some of those cards were drawn back then, when I was as young as 4 years old. There was this sense of guilt being inflicted.

You know, it's so irony that most of us would spent hours and hours doing up gifts, choosing presents for our friends or lovers. I'm not saying these people are not important. We all need friends and lover, and to show them our appreciation towards them. But yet, how many of us actually spend equal effort for our parents. We owe them so much, that no matter how rich we are in the future, it would never be adequate to return back them the love they gave us.

They are not obligated to give us the best of everything that they could afford. Please don't take it, take them, take love for granted.

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