Friday, 20 September 2013

Chasing Riches

I chanced upon this piece some time back.
It was being displayed at the museum for The Artsy Affair (TAP 2013).

This is a piece of art by an artist name Zhi Yang (Lek).
Take a minute and have a good look at it. What did you see?

The lady in the picture, she's so beautiful. In fact, I find her flawless. Yet, she's chained up, she's tied up. I felt so disturbed, so so disturbed.

Quoted by him, 'In the future, when the world has changed for the worse, people would be so focused on chasing material wealth and possessions that it becomes an obsession. Ultimately, it consumes so much of their lives that it suffocates them."

And this is clearly evidenced, being reflected in our today's world. The picture depicts the true reality. It's not just women. So many of us, are obsessed with pursuing what the "norm" beauty is, the beauty that commercial often focus too much on. We dedicate our life in getting the material goods, the surface beauty, the things that do not last. Whatever happens to the real, genuine, and pure beauty?

& it's killing us, slowly. We are our own murderers.

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