Friday, 5 April 2013

Mai Zhi Su Vegetarian Food @ Ang Mo Kio (Updated)

Mai Zhi Su Vegetarian Food 
Location: Blk 128 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 St 12 #01-1853 
Contact: 64563307 
Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays. Tuesday-Sunday 7am-9pm.

They have renovated the place and now it's fully air-conditioned.
And naturally, the increased of the price too! Boo~!

I went there about a week or so back on a Thursday Afterrnoon for lunch with my parents.
They are a big fan of meepok so there we go!

I tried the spicy ramen noodle this time round!
All the chili powder were socked at the bottom of the soup.
Felt like I was eating instant noodle. :/
Too spicy for my taste!

I like this fish though!
Xue Yu! :D
They made this themselves <3 Not made from factory! :D :D :D

Dish: Ba Ku Teh
Remarks: With the addition of tao pok it just downgraded the dish. Too blend too. :(

Dish: Japanese Chicken Rice
Remarks: I have no idea why it is presented this way :O My whole rice was filled with gravy, and it was way too sweet for my taste. :(

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