Sunday, 15 July 2012

I pity myself for pitying you

I looked back and I laughed. How silly I was. You said I don't love you enough but don't you remember the little things I did? You said you like me, but that was just your words. None of your actions prove so do they? You just try to get me because you hate being a loner. 跟我在一起的时候想着她。how pathetic. Holding my hand and thinking of her. How dumb was I to let myself sink into something like that.

You were the one who don't allow me to love you. You claimed that you love me whn you didnt let her go. You jump into a relationship and almost force me to accept it when your heart wasn't there. How could you.

Because seriously no matter how I deceive myself that it's okay, it's over, I don't feel alright at all. Like you've swallowed a part of me and now I'm left there. Not because I love you that deeply. But you eat away my innocent, my trust, the way I don't know how to love another I've always wanted to.

You know I could mean much more than she does.
So, stop thinking the way that you did nothing wrong. I hate how reckless you were, I hate how cruel you were.

Nah, I'm not trying to be a loser and push all the blame to you. I was dumb enough to believe your words, too naive to think that we could work out.

Eunice, you should know how ready I was right? Only you will understand. He doesnt and he never will.

Courage. I need that. To face my life. I won't pray for that. I'll make it grow.

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