Monday, 22 July 2013

NDP Theme Song 2013

One Singapore! 
This year NDP theme song was released on youtube 3 days back (18 July). 
I felt so bad when I saw the number of dislikes were so much more than the number of likes; too much in fact. 

Well, it may be a very different song compared to past years. Maybe to some it may sound a little childish, maybe to some it doesn't embrace NDP that much, maybe to some the song itself doesn't reflect a story. 

Yes, a STORY. 
If you ask a random passer-by, I'm pretty certain that out of 10, 9 would vote their favourite NDP song to be Home.

Home is an old song. A familiar melody that most Singaporeans can hum or sing along to. A song that many artists had re-sang different versions. 
The cover above is sang by many famous local artists in the year 2010. :) 

Home is a perfect example of the type of NDP song that most Singaporeans prefer. A song like Home naturally reminds citizens the common things we have went through together as a nation, and a reminder for this special occasion (Country's birthday). 

I know the importance of reminders, especially on meaningful occasion this big. Yet, once in a long while, we can embrace simple happiness too. I feel good watching the MV of the new NDP song. One Singapore is a song that's easy to remember, a song that most of us can dance to. 

Maybe, maybe some of the critics are right. That the song may hold less meaning. But it doesn't help if they were to just comment without giving insightful inputs isn't it? Don't just critic as though you are some professionals when you can't compose a better piece. 

It just remind me of JJ's song for YOG in 2010. 
Yes, they may not have composed a piece very well liked by many. But they have tried, and shouldn't they deserve credits for their efforts? 

It's just so irritating. NDP theme song is suppose to pull us together, a melody that we can all sing and have fun together. Yet, it became such a mess. I mean, (I'm not arrowing anyone), if anyone does have better inputs on how a better NDP song can be composed, maybe you could voice it out in constructive manner. And maybe, next year we will be singing the song you composed and we will embrace it together as a nation. 

Because putting another person down doesn't make you in any better position. 
The comments under the youtube video are just too nasty, too unbearable. Argh. 

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