Wednesday, 10 July 2013

For all JM; Stories Untold.

Perhaps only JM can relate to this;

Maybe in this world, there are just too many by the name of Lin Jun Jie. Yet, no one can come as close to that single-eyelid, forever smiling with his adorable dimples, and very talented composure him. Yes, JJ Lin (Wayne).

I have been told ample times, that I am too crazy over him. I have been told too many times, that this is childish. Yet, I have stopped explaining myself. For that I'm clear, it is precisely he has many good pointers to learn from him. For that I'm clear, it is the idolisation over the years, that slowly build into love.

If you know how much I love JJ, please do not reprimand him in front of me. For that I will feel worst than being criticised.
If you know how much I love JJ, please do not doubt his capabilities, for that he has been working very hard on his dream.
If you know how much I love JJ, please respect me for loving him this way.

Possibly in your eyes, JJ may not be that good; but he has never stop giving his best.
Possibly in your eyes, JJ may not be that good-looking; but he has a kind-heart.

I love him, for being real, adorable, and forth-coming.
I love him, for focussing so hard on his dream.
I love him, for being genuine and grateful.

Through these 10 years, JJ has grown so much.
Yet he never once compromises to give less for his music.
One of his greatest fears is disappointing his fans, which became his biggest motivation.

JJ always tear in all his concerts.
Some say he is too fake, yet these people do not understand how much he appreciates his fans.

JJ, thank you for always holding on to that promise you made to us. That as long as you still have your voice, you would always sing for us.
Despite that 2009 incident, when you almost lost your vocals, you braved on and fought even harder. Thank you for always working so hard, giving your best and more.

It's a blessing to be able to hear him sing.
I pray that for the next 10 years, his music will still be that one thing that accompanies me.
It's more than enough. :)

This is a song dedicated to all his fans, in his newest album: Stories Untold.

Remember, Forever.
If you have been a JM, you would definitely find the melody familiar. It's a combination of most of his pieces for the past 10 years, and dedicating his gratitude to his fans, or rather friends.

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