Saturday, 22 September 2012


"I wanna get married at the age of 18!"
I'm pretty sure most of my friends know that was my dream since I've memory. *bangwallanddie, I'm far away from that.
Single life isn't that miserable actually no responsibility, don't have to account for anybody. But then, you might feel terrible on those lonely nights. You longed to receive a hug or cuddle with your crush. *iknowhowthatfeels.
Then I start to ponder, am I still that old me, who's really looking forward to marriage? Or will I just cry and regret after?
Someone told me that these days, the most worrying thing is that people get into relationship too fast. They don't even know each other and they rush into it. And worst still, getting too involved that regret doesn't even help.
I hope I've grown up over the years. That I'm much more mature in handling relationship. It's always easy to give advices or scream at your best friend and tell them they are obviously blind and wrong. But when it comes back to you, you won't feel that way.
Linger and linger on. Why are we humans so so weak? Of should I say we are sentiment beings that's why we just can't let go of certain things when making decisions.
I wonder how people do it when they assured others they won't let their emotions obstruct them from their work, their performance. Is it possible in any way? *hmmm.

On a side note, I still wanna get married okay. I guess it's all girls, or most girls dreams? To be a princess for once and lead that happy ever after days. *cantblameme; I'm the typical girl too!

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