Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Identity of ours - Do we have one?

As I sat alone in Changi, taking a sip of my all-time-favourite double chocolate, I start to glance around after rushing through my SEA Essay which was died today. (I didn't know until Jun called me). Thankfully, Wan Ching was so kind to me she helped me rushed and dropped the hard copy in Ms Ng's pigeon hole. Made it just in time.
Back to the topic, I looked around, trying to find something "Singapore", something "Southeast Asia". Blame it on my essay, make me wonder much. The restaurants, the merchandise outlets, even the designs of buildings , the way people dress themselves; albeit don't look foreign, they don't belong to us. The origins were not rooted here.
I start to ponder, of we southeast asians can really only be identifiable as the foreigners of Europe? Don't we have our identity?
I found one - not really for SEA but rather a unique character of Singapore.
This logo that's say, "please reframe from studying during peak hours". I don't see that as a bad thing by the way. At least it shows that we Singaporeans are hard working people. I like to see it that way! :D
Inclusive of myself *proud*.

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