Monday, 24 September 2012

So, tell me about yourself!

Have you ever consider the role of memory in shaping meaningful experiences in daily life?
Think of the most meaningful event of your life.
Clearly, that event is one of that you remember, among ALL the things you have experienced in your life. we all have certain particular memories that stand out as indicators of meaning.
In fact, hover, everyday life is filled with potentially remarkable moments -  a BEAUTIFUL sunrise, a DELICIOUS meal prepared just for you, an UNEXPECTED telephone call from an old friend. 
Experiencing the richness of everyday life requires us to be attentive and engaged, Sometimes daily chores and problems lead us to feel that we are going through the motions. this sort of mindless living may be a way to survive, but it is unlikely to be a way to thrive. 
Actively engaging in life - investing ourselves in the events of the day - is the way we can assured that our life stories are rich and nuanced. 
That way, when someone asks, "So, tell me about yourself," we have a story to tell!

We had a mini 'surprise' party for him!
09/10 - Nice and friendly people + crazy Cydney who were dancing and singing her hearts out. 
Enjoyed myself :)

Pictures credited to Xin Hua

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