Monday, 24 September 2012

A "social Work" day

"Perhaps the greatest Social Service that can be rendered to anybody by the country and the mankind is to bring up a family."

Had a social work day - went to different organisations and interacted with the social workers there. Much disappointment though, I didnt have the chance to play with the kids at all!
The first place I went to is at Children's Home, there's no more orphanages in Singapore by the way. Albeit there's orphans in these Homes definitely!

The kids there are beautiful, but mostly suffered from hearing impaired.
It's such a rare opportunity to do such visitings; really as cliche as it may be, we should really treasure our lives and stop whining because we are so so much more fortunate.
Love life, live it to the fullest!

And top of that, as you can see there's a mosque near to the church. Such an amazing sight, well I guess  we dont see this in many other parts of the world. Different religions, different cultures all living in harmony!

There's a mini LKY giving a twist; adorable isnt it!
An artist was collecting Singaporeans' signature and compelling it for Sir's birthday present.
I was lucky enough to get into the queue and write a message for my idol and most respectable MM Lee.

I just stumble across this website from Lawrence Wong and it strikes me.
It's worth a read;
I guess we Singaporeans just need reminders like this.
Our generation have not went through any major hardships, have not witness anything like a war. Though it will be too harsh to say that we need to go through all these before we learn to appreciate whatever people out there are dying to long for all these, I cant deny the fact that we are too pampered.
At least most of us are.

Hopefully, soon I hope, all the stereotypes and labels being put on us Singaporeans will go away. Let us prove that we are much more educated, much more appreciative and deserve all the good things.

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