Saturday, 15 June 2013

Days in CareCorner (Woodlands) - Mid Placement

Well, it's time to disclose that I have been a little busy with placement.
Yes, I'm having internship in Year 1. #lifeofasocialworker.

Being in the family of Care Corner (Woodlands), the most caring supervisor, and your best pals who are fighting with you, life could not have been better.

Personal growth is linked to my professional growth. This is my line of work. And I have been enjoying every bit of it. Albeit the tiredness in reflecting in almost every single aspects of your work, it's exactly how we grow.

He calls himself "The CHOSEN ONE".

When I first came in, I questioned the need for involving in so much planning.
When I first came in, I questioned the need for being a warrior who are involved in the "sai-kang" work.
Yet, they are all linked. The 3 Hs: HEAD (To THINK), HEART, (To FEEL), HAND (To DO). 3Hs is the very first few things that my supervisor taught me, after importance of self-care.

I'm so blessed to be greeted by Mr. Sunshine when he was getting ready to knock off today!

These are the food that I munched on that keep me company for my work.

I promise we have a fair bit of talent in arts, all 4 of us!

This is one interaction with a child which impacted me quite a fair bit.
Inflicting self-harm at the age of 2, I wonder what has happened back at home. Reminded not to jump to conclusion too early, I could not help it when her father started scolding her mother in front of us strangers.

There in the room, left the both of us.
She cried and cried, cried for her mum. Her parents were in another room for counselling.
I tried to pacify her, but failed.

So, I started to talk to wall, talk to the air, talk to myself. Slowly, she began to accept me.
She started to get my attention when I stop talking.
Finally, her little hand held on to mine. She listened to me. She waved me good bye, although with her head held down still.
It was good enough though. :')

My most caring partner.
Chrysan was so sensitive she noticed I was different the other day after youth-outreach in the community.
She was right.
I saw someone walking past me, someone I have not seen for more than 4 years? Yet he doesn't seem to recognise me. Perhaps I was too tired that day and my eyes were playing trick on me.

I was not too certain if it was that I was affected, or was it that fatigue hit me I became quitter than usual.

In any case, I am good now.
In fact I was good after a long-rest, recharged!

Look at how much pride we have, we decorated our desk so beautifully.
Even though it's just a 10 weeks stay.

A profession that one has to evaluate on a daily basis, that challenges and stretch one.
A profession that allows one to learn, from his or her client.
A profession that most importantly, allows one to learn more about himself or herself. Self-Awareness.

I think I will choose this profession over others, over and over again.
Even when, it means I might become increasingly aware of my weaknesses and shortcomings.
I'm so glad I came here, NUS FASS, to have a chance to be exposed to Social Work.

I have a lot more to share;
I went to Gardens by the Bay (Planned by Nelson),
Tomorrow is a Big Day - Happy Family Day
We had 2 Open Houses last week for Youth Drop-in Centre.

Maybe I will do another post when time permits, soon!

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