Saturday, 8 June 2013

Swensens Date at CWP

Aglio Olio
I think Swensens serve the best Aglio Olio! :D

Chesse Sticks
They are just too hard :(


We were practically laughing like idiots over this.
We don't have to do amazing things together to find joy and laughter, a silly one like imagining we have to eat out of the shopping mall because the ice-cream served would be 210 foot tall is good enough.

Jia Min, Nickie and myself chilling at Starbucks after,;

I love these girls so much because I can be myself, and they love me so so much still.
There is no need to attempt to put on any mask or any shield, it's just so comfortable. We don't even have to try. :')

I'm missing them ald.

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