Saturday, 22 June 2013

Entertainment during this Hazy Period

While checking the constant PSI value, I came across too many hilarious posts I feel like sharing.
Don't you think Singaporeans though love to complain, are actually rather creative and interesting people? Well, at least that's my take!

And this kiddo put on such a big smile on me.

My favourite boy from Ah-Boys-to-men predicted this wayyyyy earlier!

This was taken at Robinson Road earlier today when the PSI hit a record new high of 401. I'm not too sure if the two helicopters being sent to plant the cloud seedlings will salvage this situation in a great way. In any case, I do appreciate the efforts. Thank you Ministers for working so hard.

I was extremely touched when I saw MP Ong Teng Koon and his team walked down the community to distribute mask. It doesn't matter what kind of mask was given. To think they are concerned about their people's health, and willing to sacrifice so much for us (they can choose to stay in their office where it is haze-free). I'm extremely thankful being born in this lovely little island, Singapore.

I have seen citizens walking forward to offer masks to the vulnerable (elderly selling tissue papers), and construction workers!

Though the haze has hit levels that brought about certain discomfort in our lives, there are many people sacrificing their own health to drive for you, deliver for you and nurse you. Take a moment to thank these frontline workers and staff that are keeping our everyday lives going through this trying time. Let's be kind and patient to them and say some positive words to people around us.

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