Friday, 3 May 2013

Why fear the Future?

I tried as mush as possible to start off my everyday with compassionate thoughts.
I have learnt this from famous LadyGaga; a very inspiring musical icon. She mentioned that she practices this during one of her Interview.

It helps! It makes you appreciate little things in life. And it is exactly these little things that add up to make your day a whole lot better!
Afterall, happiness is your own choice. It ultimately depend on how you view things.

As much as it is a crazy thing to sleep in the day, I'm not frustrated at my biological clock no more.
I will give it some time and I'm sure it ail adjust back pretty well soon.
To embrace that, I don't have any more morning papers.
One less thing to worry at least; for that I would not feel lethargic and lose concentration during Finals. YAY. (Although I'm surviving on caffeine for some)

It's not that bad starting at night.
Well, of course I know it's unhealthy but at least I can still absorb the contents!

I have been chewing on this adorable cherry tomatoes for the past days; replacing them with unhealthy snacks. I had been gobbling too much chocolates and other sinful food for the past weeks.

This was an EMPTY DOUBLE-decker bus 96 after my SSA1208 paper on Tuesday. Life was too good that day, except for that consultation that almost forces me to cry in front of 3 TAs.
I know it sounded dumb, but I was feeling so helpless then. I couldn't do anything to salvage my D+. Thank you Xing Jun for accompanying me and fighting with/for me. I love you :)

God has been so kind to me, gracing me with such a comfortable ride home after a long day. Thank you! 

Well, I do not have exciting/happening things to share these days; in the midst of Finals. So, I have tried to find little things that I could still celebrate in this hectic week. and I certainly hope you dear readers find joy in reading it too!

I saw this video some time back. Brilliant.
There is beauty in each and everyone. 

I could die listening to this little boy sings.
He has so much soul when the melody plays.
If he had not received any musical/vocal training, he's just too amazing.
Pure talent; how beautiful!

I am so glad Ellen manages to find him and he's going on her show in a few days to come!

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