Monday, 2 December 2013

Dedicated to Mr. Francis Tan

Dearest Mr. Tan,

The news came too soon, too sudden. It seemed too unreal; perhaps I was in the denial stage; perhaps I saw this coming; perhaps I did not know how to react.

I remembered how mischievous Jia Min and I was back then. We were so disrespectful, chatting all the way during combine band. No discipline at all. I remembered that you have to separate both of us to different ends, but we continued to communicate through hand gestures. How irritating! (hahaha!)

We have known you for a good seven years. Not a long period of time, but long enough for things to matter this much. I'm not too sure if I have ever told you this, but you were the main reason, the main person that groom my passion towards music. (I guess it's the same for many of us).

I remembered that I wanted to give up back then, and you gave a harsh scolding in front of the band, stating that nobody is allowed to give up on the band before you do.

I have never imagined this day coming, not at all.
A thank you would never be adequate to express that gratitude I have, nor will it be adequate to equate to the amount of work you had sacrificed for us.

But still …

Mr. Tan,
Thank you for always working your hardest for RSSB.
Thank you for not giving up on us, every single one of us.
Thank you for trusting us and pushing us on.

You are more than a conductor, more than a friend, more than a gossip-buddy, more than a tutor, but most importantly, a teacher who has taught me so much values.

I thank god for you, and although the hardest thing to say is good bye, at least it has a "good" attached to it that promises a better tomorrow.
I pray that days ahead would be marvellous for you, and that you would always continue to inspire people around you with your amazing personality.

P.s. we can all go watch hunger games 2 together and have annual alumni gathering!

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