Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Saladworks @ JEM


JEM #02-19
50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549
Contact No: 6225 5536

Although there isn't any crowd when I was there (or almost nobody), I guess it's not because they dont have that reputation. In fact, Saladworks offers a "fanatically fresh" menu of America's Best Salads, great wraps, soups, and fusion and panini sandwiches.

Perhaps, Singaporeans still prefer Hawker/Foodcourt food? Okay, I'm saying that for myself!

You can choose to customise your own salad to control calories in take.

I felt that the whole building was too cold in general; I was shivering throughout the meal.

There is so much fibre for that meal I felt that I was too healthy; guess what happened to me the next day? Hahaha.

Yes, I'm not a fan of salad, or anything raw in fact. So for me, I find the salad a little too pricy. But if you are one of those who are on healthier meal, it's a must try!

I was still a little hungry after, so went to look for cookies!

I'm so in love with this place, the smell of the cookies just melted me. I could stay there the whole day, it just makes me feel good and happy! 

My first trip to JEM then.
(So now you know how long this post was >.< )

& a desert at IMM to end off the day!

IMM #01-48
Contact Tel: 6897 0282

Maybe my day was affected by something a little that day. I didn't enjoy this bowl (which was recommended by a lot) that much. Maybe it was just my mood that was affecting everything else. I will head back when I have the chance to be fair to them!

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