Monday, 2 December 2013

To reflect upon what were reflected to me

When you complain of people shouting at you frequently, do you think about whether you reciprocate and do it as often as they do?

And when people shout, is it because they are just furious, or is it because they are just trying their best to get their message through you, who doesn’t seem to appreciate and understand the meaning behind those words? Or worse off, who don’t even listen?

Whatever you do, or whatever people around you do to you, sometimes it all just comes back down to how you present yourself in front of these people.

And sometimes, you’ll realise you only have yourself to blame.

But as often as I always do when something bad happens, wallowing in self-pity alone, I believe, won’t solve the problem. Neither does running away from it will. And instead of just thinking how pathetic you are, why don’t you think of the underlying reason behind why things happen? They have a reason for happening, you know.

And sometimes, you’ll find that the main problem is YOU, so CHANGE FOR THE BETTER! :)

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