Saturday, 19 January 2013

We can always choose to dance in the rain!

It rained the whole day ever since midnight yesterday.

I love rain; I have always wanted to dance in the rain. I think I will enjoy myself to the last bit, raindrop as my melody. Of course, taking away all the thunder roars please. Not a big fan of that.

I was contacted by Bloodbank two days back that my blood type is running low in their bank.
Since I have no plans for this morning, why not pay them a visit.


Address:  900 South Woodlands Drive #05-07 Woodlands Civic Centre (opposite Causeway Point) Singapore 730900
Opening Hours:  Monday, Wednesday to Friday: 12pm to 8pm. Saturday: 9am to 5pm. Sunday: 9am to 2pm. Eve of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year: 9am to 2pm.
Closed on: Tuesdays and Public Holidays.

It was my first time there, alone.
And I dont really enjoy that frankly.
It hurts quite a bit today and I was quite afraid.

All went well though.

My weight managed to hit 50 exactly and I was given a choice to donate the bigger bag; TEEHEE :D

If you are like me, healthy, your blood could save a life or more.
Don't hesitate, that bit of pain is worthwhile.
Plus, you can eat all you want after because you have lost weight.
Okay, jokes aside, donating blood is good.

You can find more details here at their website:

I was late but Li Ting was really nice and waited for me.
Get a lovely piece from her; do support her blogshop alright! They are lovely. :)

I have recently tried this sharing the best thing that has happened to you today with a very good friend of mine.
And I find it rather useful; it actually motivates me to make my everyday life a slightly better one.
Initially it was because so I have something cool to share, but later, it made me realised that "Happiness is a choice" is indeed true.

So don't forget to "Make it happen!"

& on a side note, if you like my posts, do share and follow. <3 
It means a lot to me!

"You are the owner of your smile. Don't look at others to give you a reason. Construct your own reasons for it!"

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