Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Old days, I miss you :)

Hello, I miss the whole days. When I hang out with all my besties & darlings and have so much fun. I looked through all the photos I’ve taken for the past 2.5 years and I’m so amazed of all the things I’ve went through. Some of which I almost couldn’t recall till those photos trigger back the awesome memories :D Though I’m single now, though I so wish I could be somebody’s, though I so wish to be pampered like a princess, though at times I was attached by that lonely-Im alone feel, I want to thank god! From the bottom of my heart, for giving me such a blessed life. Life has been pretty great for me & I shall no longer ponder so much & make it difficult for myself. I shall stop regretting decisions I’ve made over and over again. Look back Peckyong, all have been so well for you! :D

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