Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Desserts are my fav :D

Fav cake: Rasberry Cheese Cake :D
I had my first Rasberry Cheese Cake somewhere in Vivo with my first love, & I fall in love with it immediately :D
Couldn't find anything close to that taste any longer idk why :(

I don't really like to try new favors. In fact I don't really like to try new things. But I always do, in the end.
I love to stay in comfort zone, I dislike changes. Though I don't seem like one. I hate it when you are used to that someone, then he or she left you.

On a side note, Ray ray aka banana boy is my favorite boy :D
I wish I'm his mummy, hahaha.
He used to be mischievous, running all around, climb up and down giving me a hard time; but I still love him.

He has a little brother now so he carry himself better :D

Dinner at Classic Lao Di Fang for dinner :)
Eunice's favourite restaurant to celebrate her belated birthday :)
Happy Belated Gorgeous :))

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