Monday, 21 May 2012

Then again,

& then I realized I was too harsh last night.
How selfish could I be. He said he went through a hard time to make this decision. I should have trusted him. Though I know the rest would kill me if I were to think this way.
But he's not that bad by nature. Really. He isn't a playboy. Because till the end, I believe that he didn't play me.
That I shouldn't have judge him right from the start.
Maybe we just aren't meant to be.
So boy, I really do hope you will meet a better girl, a better someone whos really worth your wait, someone who will touches your heart and make you love like no others. Someone who genuinely love you in return and have your happily ever after.
I'll pray for you. Just, don't ever do things for the moment, or give words and promises at that moment when you aren't sure how much you can deliver or if you can take that responsibility.
Everything else about you us great, really.

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