Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Catching up with Good Old Friends

We celebrated Jon Foo's 21st Birthday in advanced.
Christine and I would not be around on the actual day. Damn.

So we first went to Pizza Bar at Holland Village for Dinner.
44 Jalan Merah Saga
Contact No: 6479 6059

This contemporary pizza bar has stylish wooden furniture and a striking brown-and-white cow hide running along the ceiling and down one wall.

They do serve Vegetarian Food too!
Jun Rong and I shared this Strawberry Cocktail.
Spotlight, Jon Foo!
They are currently having this 2 is better than 1 offer during their Happy Hours.
That is you get 2 drinks at the price of 1; but only selective drink.
Our cocktail wasn't entitled to this offer; sob.

I thought the pizza tasted quite well; but the crust was too hard that day. I was having such a hard time cutting them, I gave up after awhile and ate them with my hand. Unglam.

Moving on, we went for dessert.
Jun Rong and I shared this contemporary dessert, which was way too fusion for us.
Like what Jun Rong said, at least we have a taste of how contemporary dessert should taste like.
But once was enough. It was bad that I got a dessert that I do not like at all.
I thought Jon and Christine's dessert were much better.
Awww~ So sweet!

I fall in love with these at first sight. It's like a must-try if you are there.
If only that I love their dessert, I would definitely bring my next love there. It's super romantic and cozy! We could cuddle there all day and talk about everything under the sun.
Oh, we met Jon and Jun Rong's SAF friends there too - Ian and BC. Lovely!

And finally, Jon had some craving so went to Wala Cafe Bar.

Well, I dont drink. In fact, I do not know to appreciate them at all. What a waste I know. I just dont really like the taste.

I have been to Holland Village many times.
In fact, I was there many times when working in ANZ Bank because it was one of the place where our shuttle buses will drop us at.
But I never that Holland Village is that HAPPENING.

Its laid back atmosphere and nightly live music is a no wonder that it draws the crowd even on weekdays.
Thank you Christine for introducing so many stunning places to us!

I hope Jon Foo enjoyed himself that night as much as I did.
Happy Birthday in advanced my love. You have been such an amazing friend and I wish your dreams and wishes will come true soon. :)

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