Monday, 10 December 2012

RSSB Concert 2012

RSSB Alumni was founded this year in June.

I was appointed as the Vice-President earlier in January after initiating the formation of Alumni Band.
However, things turn out back. Stuff happened at home and I could no longer carry out my duty well.
Sook Hui, my president has to shoulder all responsibilities herself. Damn.

This year Alumni who participated in the Concert. 
Favourite Junior of all time - Leonardo!
He's one passionate and responsible one.
And of course, our dearest passionate conductor Mr. Francis Tan.
Jia Min & I.
Nickie & Sook Hui
Well, although not all the pieces are well-performed, it is really heart-warming to see so many of them working hard for this concert.
Worked so hard, just for that few minutes of performance.

I remembered Evonne was like asking Sook Hui can she still join the Alumni Band and she'd definitely turn up for the practices. See, how much memories they all have. All coming back just to revive those priceless moments.

I love all the little conversations we had after concert at Sook Hui's house.

As I was having a really long chat with Jia Min earlier that day, we thought we were really sick.
We missed scoldings, as bad as Mr. Alvin's. LOL.
We don't mind reviving those moments and going through all the hard times again. Probably because we know we will certainly survive.
And as always, we are proud we did conquer all!
Cheers :D

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