Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Taiwan Trip 2012 Part 1: 一贯道宝光建德明孝感恩成年礼

My apology that my blog was not updated for more than a week or so!

I went overseas - Taiwan, with my 良德 for this year 台湾寻根之旅。
I went for a total of 8 days! Love it.

There are just too much that I could blog about these 8 days, so I will just blog about these 2 days which I enjoyed myself exceptionally.

This was the second time that 宝光建德 held this event, the first was 7 years ago.

This was the part where we have to part with our parents and go through the 'obstacles'.

Then, we have to walk through this 'tunnel' with our parents, where we are reminded of many times that our parents sacrifice so so much, just for us.

And finally, we were at the big stadium where the ceremony was being held.

The crowd was just insane.
They were an estimated of 20,000 people that day. Gosh!

DCS will help us put on the hat and scarf.

Ah mah so happy! :D

We have to write our wishes and hang it up! :D

Many teared upon receiving the little gifts that their parents prepared for them. For some, it was their first time hugging their parents. After 20 years long or more.
The atmosphere was so touching.

This is one of the most touching one.

Then after the ceremony, we went to buy food.
I can't recall how many stalls there were!

The humid weather caused us to sweat like a pig; but everyone still wear on their wide and beautiful smile. For that we have all attend such a meaningful ceremony. :)

Saw Master Lin, and Ta Da~
Finally a picture with him after 'stalking' for half the stadium! :D

"Say Cheese!"

So why exactly do I enjoy this event that much?

I won't admit that I was reluctant to participate in this initially. Both my parents could not make it for event and what's the point of me going alone anyway?

Yet Lao Mu was so kind to me. I actually saw Ah-Mah the very first day when I reached Shen Wei. :)
I put on the widest smile I ever could and ran forward to give her a big big hug!
She agreed to accompany me for this event. I could not have felt happier then.

Thank You Ah-Mah, so so much.
Albeit  we are not that close because we live quite far apart, I am really grateful that you are willing to stand under the hot sun for 3 long hours straight. :')

If not for you ah mah, this event would not matter so much to me.
I love you! :D

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