Monday, 10 December 2012

A day out with Jiamin

Last Friday I managed to head out with girlfriend, LahLah. I first met her when I was P3, and we have been BFF ever since.
I always feel so comfortable with her; we could talk about practically everything under the sun.

We first headed to Fast East Plaza.
The initial plan was to head to Bugis Street, but the weather was killing us then. We were afraid that we did melt before we reach there. Far East sounded like a better plan, so we decided to go with it.

Well, not much changes since the last time I have been there.
Crazy sales as usual for the secondary Prom kids. Saw packages exclusively for this year, but that was apparently a lie. It's like an offer every year. LOL

I fall in love with one pair of red checkered shoe. Apparently they do not have my size. LahLah says my feet are really minute. I disagree with that; I'm a size 35-36. It sounds reasonable with my height doesn't it? I think I will look really awkward if my feet were to be any bigger with my height. Damn.

This was one of the shop we came across. I was so happy I thought I could get a pretty dress home with such an affordable price. My uncle's holding a banquet in a few weeks time and I have yet to find anything suitable. 
And then I walk forward, and I was crushed. Perhaps this was what they meant when they were referring to a short dress. For kids. What a joke. Haha!
We were hungry after awhile. I skipped breakfast that day and LahLah hasn't had any food since morning.

We decided to head for an early dinner.
This is the place that I wanted to bring LahLah to.
It's located at Park Mall.
Address: 9 Penang Road, #B1-12 Park Mall, S238459
You can check out more details here: :

We were there at 4p.m., but how unlucky, they were having a break then.
Do take note they have a break between 3p.m. - 5p.m.

So we decided to walk around Park Mall to kill time.
Park Mall is basically a Furniture Hub. There are really few people there; well we don't get furniture like everyday don't we?

There are a range of furniture shops there. From specifically selling beds, to lamps, to carpet, sofa, dining tables, kitchen design, even to selling antique clock.

Yup, that antique clock shop definitely caught our attention.
Back there, we finally get a glimpse of why some people value antique things that much. I promise they are worth the price. And certainly the effort to maintain them to.

This was the first piece that caught first caught my attention. I could no longer recall how long I have stood there admiring this amazing piece. 
There is a label inside, written by hand, "View of of the Rhine, with clock plays fine air by Copeland." It's a huge art piece, and when you zoom in, there is a real working clock in the piece, ticking still. It's a piee by Henry Robert, back then in 1794. Stunning. 
Doesn't this remind you of Harry Potter? :)
No glass at all. So new, so breathtaking. A gorgeous piece that many would definitely fall in love with.  Well, imagine having one on your office table. It'll certainly be the centre of attraction!
This was one of the design being displayed. Many of our dream-home isn't it?
A separate dressing room. Ladies would love this, placing your one thousand and one pairs of heels.
To think of it just made me so happy. 

An hour or so there made me wanna design a house so badly. It's such a good place to inspire designers I guess!
And finally, it was time for dinner!
Hungry us, couldn't decide what to eat.
We ordered hot tea. 

Hot plate ToFu.
LahLah loves the sauce. But do consume when it is still hot.
We were happily chatting away and when it turn cold, the tofu were kinda hard; like not chewy anymore.
Everything else was great. 

Their service is not too bad. A 9/10 I guess? Just that their menu were a little run-down.
Great ambience for catching up with old friends or for family reunion I guess!

On a side note, it is a little pricy. The bill came to slightly more than $50. The food taste good though, well at least what I prefer! So I thought it was worth the price.

If you have any other different comment or a must try dish from this, do drop a comment or email me! I would love to hear them(:

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