Monday, 24 December 2012

NTU CAC Impresario 2013

If you know me well enough, you might wonder why I was in long pants last Saturday.

I have actually went for a singing audition. Gasp!

NTU CAC Impresario 2013 - it's a nationwide talent search competition organised by Lee Wei Song Music Show. According to Nickie, it's like NTU's most bizarre event. 

I auditioned Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. 
Voice has yet to recovered from Taiwan trip. Oh well. 
Hopefully others did so badly so I can get through the next round. Evil me!

Met some awesome people there. Surprisingly, none was from NTU itself.

Am really thankful Nickie accompanied me that day.
I was so nervous. I have never tried anything like this before, so happening. Or rather, too happening for me. ._.
The atmosphere was rather awkward initially. Nobody wants to practice their song in the holding room.

I paid a freaking $14 for it, so I held on to the mic for as long as I could.

I don't know if I am what the judges are looking for.
I have to admit I don't sing well, but I really like it a lot.
If I were given a chance to, I would give my best and more.

Purely because I find joy in it. :')

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