Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Taiwan Trip 2012 Part 2: EDA Theme Park

Here come the fun factor for this trip!

We visited EDA Theme Park.
It has the largest entertainment theatre and the biggest indoor recreation center in Taiwan!
I have heard from Taiwan qian xian that this was founded by one of our DCS; WOW.

Given my character, it's a die must to try all the crazy rides definitely!
This was the warm up ride. LOL

Performance~ :D
Santa Claus! Kids were all happily dancing!

I had been dying to try on this.
What a disappointment though. Perhaps I have watched to much drama, where they always showcase that it is super romantic to take this ride. >.<
Almost fell asleep on this, look at my sleepy eyes!

Ride: Big Air
Hell yes; I was crying for help up there. -.-
Vertical straight down oh my; left my soul up there. -.-

Ride: Roof Junior Coaster
I enjoyed the scenery up there. I could even see a temple among the trees!

Ride: Some water ride!
Sat at the first row ALONE.
Think too highly of myself! -.-

Okay, I was busy taking all the rides I missed all the theatre performances and did not take much pictures. HAHAHA.

I love the 3D Pirate Ship the most.
It's a haunted house. If you know me well enough, you should know how much I detest horror stuff like this.
Yet, I enjoyed it a lot. Probably it's because of the crowd I went in with!
Galton was initially leading us, and then he called Yong Da to lead with him and he disappear after awhile. Poor little Jia Hui cried went she saw the ghost :( Bad little ghost!
Ivan was the cutest of all I promised. He literally closed his eyes all the way and held on to my bag.
I used the wrong phrase and warn him that there's a flight of stairs in front. So with his closed eyes, he couldn't 'feel' the stairs and start shouting for help that he's lost. I didn't know he was so adorable! :D
Rong Her and Miao Hui was basically screaming behind.

We took super duper long to get out of the house.
The crowd behind almost caught up with us. LOL.

& conclusion, Adrian was the only MAN. HAHAHA.

We went on with pirate ship ride and there was another interesting ride where we would view Taiwan attractions. Damn, I can't recall the name of the ride :( Basically, we are like taking 'airplanes' and were flying. I like that quite a lot too!

On a side note, I felt the ticket price was relatively cheap. Like only S$24? Compared to USS, this is a must visit when you are in Taiwan. Plus they do serve Vegetarian Food; love it! :D

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