Friday, 10 May 2013

Glipho! The future Blogging Site

I was so humbled and thrilled when I saw the following comment from Glipho!

For the benefits of those who have yet to hear about Glipho, it is basically a brand new networking/publishing platform.
I promise it is relatively user friendly. (Except that you press Shift+Enter to do a normal Enter; otherwise with just an Enter, it will automatically publish!)

One could simply import their Tumblr/Wordpress/Blogger posts. One could share through google+, Facebook and Twitter too. Come to think about it, it does work a little like Nuffnangx, which is more well-received in Asia (I supposed). It doesn't sync every of your blog/tumblr posts automiatically though. You have to import them each time. Every post has a tag like Wellbeing, Food etc. It may be troublesome to some but it ensures that other users can find relevant information easier. It can avoid spamming of tags like a MAPOTI. :)

A plus-point for Glipho is that it does not has all those types of irritating advertisements popping up everywhere while surfing the platform. And yes, I guess this idea will ultimately dominate Blogger overtime. Yes, Blogger. One could simply comment and give an article a heart (meaning thumbs up). It is like a combination of Google+ and Blogger all together. Furthermore, it has notification button at the bottom of the site, without a need to go back to the Home Page. Yes, one could simply enjoy an article and receiving updates at the same time!

One's post has to be a minimum of 150 words though. Apparently it is for quality control to avoid spam; yet I'm not too sure how will pictures-heavy users find that rule? Maybe with additional words one could contextualise their images better! Perhaps that was their intention?

They are a new blogging site and so give it a try! I have enjoyed my stay thus far and I hope you guys will like this new idea too. Give them a chance to make a name for themselves! (Okay, I'm not paid to say this. I promise they are good!)

In any case, thank you for inviting me to join this new community. It's an honour!

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