Monday, 6 May 2013

Corruption made too obvious I felt ashamed for you

With the not-so-indelible ink, conjuring of ballot boxes after closure of polling times and Earth hour blackout during vote-counting, there couldn't have been any means more underhand.

The purest form of democracy came from a Greek word which means '' rule by the people", a political system that in which people lawfully govern themselves. 
There is light at the end of every dark tunnel. Yet this time, he killed all after that darkness.

I saw all these going spiral on FaceBook, and am feeling so sad for them.

Indeed, these may bring you laughter on first glance.
Then again, have you seen how many of them changed their profile pic to a pure black one? Look at how much hope YOU have killed; all dashed. Look at how much hatred you have created.

This is just too much.
You just allowed yourself to be hated by so much more; although there are so many to begin with ald.
I just felt this pain when so many were begging other country to salvage them; look at how desperate they are.

Then again, it makes us Singaporean appreciate what we have a little more.
Too many times we have heard complaints that are so minor.
And now the question, does anyone still want to take peace and order in Singapore for granted? Think. 

Lastly, this was posted too soon. LOL.

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