Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How do we prevent iron deficiency? Bloodbank Visit @ Woodlands

Finals Examinations have finally come to an end; and placement came straight after. For the better or otherwise, I will decide later.

I pay Bloodbank a visit last Sunday after Youth Group Tuition. They called me sometime last week as there was a shortage of blood for B+. Nickie had the intention to donate and so, we embarked our journey to Bloodbank. 

I was still a little nervous, maybe quite a big part of me are still scared about that thick needle. While, the standard procedure was to declare and signs all the forms before proceeding for check-up with the doctor. I had an iron-level as low as a 9. Yes, I was suffering from iron deficiency. The acceptable haemoglobin level for blood donors in Singapore is 12.5mg/dL. The haemoglobin level of blood is obtained through a finger prick that guide the suitability for donating blood. 

In case you are wondering what exactly is haemoglobin, it is basically a specialised protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to the tissues and return carbon dioxide from tissues to the lungs. Haemoglobin consists of iron groups, which are essential for the manufacture of haemoglobin and thus, the transport of oxygen.

Now that we have a better understanding of the importance of Iron, so what are the reasons that lead to Iron Deficiency?
(The following list is not exhaustive; I'm writing to the best of my knowledge):
  1. Increased physiological demand of the body for iron e.g. during pregnancy and breast feeding 
  2. Loss of blood by haemorrhage 
  3. Inadequate iron intake 
  4. Malabsorption 
  5. Menstrual Blood Loss
Apparently, I happen to fall under the 5th category and maybe a little of 3rd. 
Female loses between 0.5mg-1mg iron per day on average for the whole of the 28 days menstrual cycle. Therefore, to compensate for the loss, we women, need to consume twice the amount of male. 
I was having my period of the month and I happily went for blood donation, how smart. 

Nickie passed the test and went ahead with her donation. Then, she felt giddy. I was so worried for her then. She looked so pale, and was having cold sweat. 
Okay, basically the both of us have the most screwed biological clock ever during the Final Examinations period. We sleep in the day, and the hours barely add up to 4 hours. We have no idea if we were too stressed up or otherwise, we just couldn't sleep then. 
Yes, we are slowly adjusting now. I hope we will get better. :( 

Hell yes, we think too highly of ourselves. God did everything to deter us from donating that pack of blood because he knew that out body could not handle that. 
Wanted to loss weight too badly, and I guess this approach doesn't work out at all. Damn. 

Consume food that supplies adequate nutrients - says the doctor. I should really stop skipping meals just because it sucks to chew with braces. 

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