Friday, 16 November 2012

Hort Park Visit Singapore

Headed to Hort Park last Sunday for December Outdoor Activity with BXB.
Location: 33 Hyderabad Road, Off Alexandra Road, Singapore 119578 

It's my first time being there, and I was particually attracted to the Butterfly little Hut. It has been centuries since I last saw so many butterflies, with vibrant coloured wings. How fascinating!

I find these little bottled plants exceptionally cute. Round round stuff just draw my attention:)

I like the place quite a lot.
Many places are under construction and upgrading currently.
Also, they have a roof top. I always love roof top; they always have the romantic feel, especially at night. Okay, I'm thinking too much perhaps. #Koreandramaeffect

If you are a park lover, I guess you cannot miss this out.
Albeit it is not an awesomely big place, it is a big enough space for one to enjoy their happy weekends in.
it is definitely a great place to chill out with families, for recreational activities, and not forgetting learning&education.

Oh, do check out their website
They have many workshops for kids to learn and explore.
Of course, if you did like to get in touch with nature, they do have something for volunteers too!

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