Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I know I'm blessed, for that I have found the purpose for my life

Thank you God, for gracing me with such a comfortable weather so I can sleep well.

Thank you Mummy Daddy for making me so delicious breakfast in the morning.
I know I'm spoilt.
How much more could I ask for? This is just too yummy!
My daddy is a cook, and he cooks the most delicious vegetarian food that no one else can ever come close to! I love you.

Thank you Pei Hong jiejie for accompanying me to study for the past week, otherwise I would have wasted my days away lazing around.
I'm sorry for always being late :(

I wonder if I could find such a good studying partner from next semester onwards.

I am back to my old love. Sorry for ditching you for quite some time. Soy green tea latte is still the best that none could replace. Thank you for letting me find you back!

Thank you idol! We'll probably never have the chance to meet in person, but still I wanna dedicate this appreciation to you. Thank you for making so many beautiful music, for that they have inspired me, reminding me of certain values I should hold on to, and for accompanying me through many moments. Most importantly, thank you for appearing in my dreams!! This may sound silly, but those are certainly the sweetest dreams I could ask for (except one when you told all of us that you were engaged :O). Thank you for having those little conversations in my dreams - okay this is sounding ridiculous. I shall stop. But these are really the little things (or maybe there are big things to me) that never failed to put on a smile on me despite these crazily pressurised days.

There are many many people I want to thank. For that I was down for the past few days and you dearests were there. 
I love it when people give encouragements that caught me by surprise. Thank you for initiating to accompany to study with me Gordon and Shuan. Thank you for wanting to prepare snacks for me to cheer me on Joshua. Thank you for willing to fight with me and stand by me when results that bad hit me Xing Jun. Thank you for always being there and never leaving me, with your special words Nickie and Jia Min. Thank you for making me laugh with your unique sense of humour Rong Her and Eunice. Thank you for your little notes, messages, etc, and encourage me to push on Catherine, Kheng Leng, Sarah, Aaron, Michelle, Joanne and many many more! Thank you for giving me a midnight call when you realised I was suffering from insomnia Nicholas. Thank you for recommending products just so hoping I can sleep earlier Yi Hao. Thank you Eugene for constantly nagging at me just so wanting me to sleep earlier. I hope I don't miss out anyone. But I really wanna thank all of you for making my days so much more bearable. I'm well now and I'm sorry for making you worried. I'm back, fighting! 

When we appreciate more, we find more joy in everyday life.
I know it seems so commercialised, but one day I will make it a good habit. I will learn to see the good in everything, not in the naive way.
That day will come soon I know, for that that will equate to happiness.

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