Thursday, 25 October 2012

Neighbour Unite! :D

 Yay! Joshua finally came back to Singapore; though I'm not sure when he's sailing off to again.
So we met up; started talking about all the ghost stories; BOOOO!

Hahaha, super cute right! Guess it was too bright; the flash I mean!

I like this shot a lot, thanks Josh! *newprofilepicture YAY

Didn't show face still better right? OH well!
Why am I suan-ing myself, hmmm~

On a side note, you better teach me guitar!

Oh ya he gave me souveniers and I just saw this really sweet note!

Meet up again & make full use of your DSLR okay!
*Smirk; somebody don't know how to use, like at all! HAHAHA

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