Monday, 1 October 2012

Dinner with lovely :)

Had a great dinner with lovely last Tuesday, it has been a month or so since we last met. University life is one of the main factors I suppose? Heavy commitment, less time for love ones.

Jerome Lim: very talented and handsome young man. I looked up to him a lot :)
Jon Foo: very cheerful and adorable – one of my sources of inspiration.
Christine: a brave young lady with a big heart.

Since both of us are studying in the same school, we met up first and had salted caramel ice-blended.
Didn’t want to move our butt after, hahaha – pleasant atmosphere!
We started talking about JC life, and of course band life.

She started blaming me, that I was the one who caused the downfall of SYF because I betrayed AJ Band.
Not in that way don’t worry!
Because I idolized someone from the only gold-with-honours band – and is a someone important in their committee.
And I was trying so hard to defend for myself, what a funny topic!

Maybe I will share why I idolize this someone;

He’s not my eye candy or whatsoever don’t get the wrong idea, but he’s still an amazing person. My main source of inspiration at that point of time. I was whining so much until he shared he’s experiences with me. And wow, I changed my perception towards him (not that I have anything against him), looked up to him then.

I have no idea since when then rumours spread that I had a crush on him. I have a bunch of cute friends, still doing so in JC life hahaha!

When we are in despair, we almost feel as though we are the worst in the world, that everyone else should sympathies us. But have you pause and think, what’s the point of doing so? What’s the point of presenting a weak self – to prove that you are incapable? Well, I think that if we were to have this blessing to have access to the Internet (otherwise you won’t be reading this now hmmm :/), it only means that we are having a not-too-bad life as compared to the third world people. Nothing can get as bad. If you are really suffering from something unbearable, just open up and ask for help.

Embrace life, live it to the fullest when you are still healthy and young!

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