Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Life story of Tae-Ho

A story about an extraordinary little boy, name Tae-Ho.

This was a clip shown to me during my Social Work lecture yesterday. The very reason I love Social Work lectures, lecturers always share inspiring clips & videos. One that which will make us reflect.

I pray that Tae-Ho's health will get better. I don't know how, but I hope his positiveness will stay him for a life time. As a child, he has yet to face the world outside. A much more cruel place, where not everyone will give in to him. I pray that he could always stay this strong, that his world would always be such a beautiful place.
Albeit putting this aside, he's ald one amazing boy. How many could actually pull through this? He doesn't even see himself as someone who's disabled, let alone handicap. He strive to be a someone who could be of great help to many.

It's good to watch these inspiring videos once in a while, to serve as a reminder, that we should place our focus on a bigger picture. Be grateful rather than demanding; live your life to the greatest, live a life worth living.
I know motivation doesn't stay. But we always have a choice in life. So, for my one friend who told me you are giving up life, I hope you will change your mind. Because you could still become someone so so great. :)

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