Sunday, 21 October 2012

USS Halloween Horror Nights 2 Review

Shall skipped the part about complimentary tickets not being able to be used for admission. & TICKETS WERE SOLD OUT. Oh no. Thank god we managed to get all 4 tickets in the end, somehow! *secret, hahaha!

It was pouring, lightnings and thunders roaring. Boo!
Everyone has to cover themselves with raincoats.
As I mentioned, tickets were sold out. So, I guess you can imagine how crazy was the crowd.

When we went in, the first queue we saw - doll house - was insanely long. 50 mins long; that's just bad.
So we decided to walk further down and check out other haunted houses first.

We had to walk through this "death street". If you have watched the walking dead, you will probably understand what I am driving at! Yes, they were all imported from the show to that street. Not literally. But damn, it was scary. I cant recall how I managed to survived walking pass that street. Disgusted hahaha!

By the way, it's stated there are 4 night rides right? They are the Humans, Cyclon, Mummies & Transformers! If you have been to USS I would suggest to skip all the rides and just go with the haunted houses ya? Because there aren't additional effects to suit this Halloween Theme for these rides. *Upsetmuch

Queued for 2hours for one of the haunted houses located at the water performance area.
Yup, you got me. 2hours. We just spent all out $ on queuing. They should have entertainment along the way :( Or perhaps, have a bigger house! $68 a ticket isn't a small sum, I was expecting more.

& to mention that due to the rain, one of the street was closed. Oh my.

Back to the haunted house - all the insane people were there!
The effects were pretty cool. All caged up and gave that bloody stares. Cheered one of the patient on, I dont know why I did that. Told her to hang on, dont die under the doctor. & RAN afterwards, worried they would chase after me hahaha!
I was horrified when I saw their canteen! You just got to be there to witness for yourself! :D

Hahaha, but thats such a waste of my money! It's okay.
Thankfully I have good companions! I will upload the pictures as soon as I have them for Aaron. But, they are so pathetic.
We didnt have enough time to take pictures with the "ghosts" and mascot and they have to knock off ald. Damn. Taking pictures with all the statue is just so .. PATHETIC.

 In any case, if you havent get your ticket yet, I would suggest you to get the express tickets instead! Additional $30, and you can visit all their houses and rides. Worth it, really! Or you can queue up really early and run to the first house immediately you entered USS.

On a side note, they are amazing. Given their ability to transform the whole USS into such a horrifying place within an hour! It's just WOW. :) & really salute to all the mascot! They have to pretend to be insane for a continuous of 4-5hours. Plus giving that bloody stares with their really big eyes. I wonder how they managed to! HAHAHA.

Had supper after - bought food from 7-11 and sat infront of Lake of Dreams.
There were people playing truth of dare. Cute people!

Walked towards Vivo after; quite a good place to chill out.
But that route just reminded me of some nasty memories, or a someone instead.
 Shared with Gordon, not the full story but glad that he was willing to listen.
Well, Aaron and Jia Min know what I am talking about ..

Pretty fun. Listening to songs, just lay down and look at the sky. Imagining and forcing the clouds to look like something; and checking out BFF praying they will hold their hands. Awww~
I dont like city life, but once in a long while, with such a great scenario, it feels great. :)

I had much fun!

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