Sunday, 14 October 2012

Halloween 2012 - here I come!

Met up with my new friend, Gordon yesterday. Not exactly new but we are good friends now! Went for a dinner at Park Mall Lau Di Fang and I was late. Oh my, like as usual. I should really start to do some reflection on this - Guilty! :(

Thank goodness I wasn't that late, otherwise they will be no seats left! It's a Sat night, what else can we expect apart from the crowds right?

Decided to go for Rocher Tau Huay after.
On a side note, Gordon was so lazy, he thinks it's super far *faint!
Yay, I am so glad we did go in the end!

There is an ongoing promotion booth at The Cathay, LI External Atrium. There is this super duper mini "haunted-house" exhibition there!
After MUCH deliberation, we decided to check that out. I swear I was damn scared and I told the dude there I will come back to him if he lied that it's not scary! 
Hahaha, basically there are just "corpses" and a lot of mirrors! CHEYYYYYYYY

When we were out, Muttons approached us, told us to go in and give it a try!
So being honest little kids, we told him we actually went in ald. And being a someone nice, they said they will give a gift if we answered their question correctly.

"When is the first day of the Halloween Horror Nights held in USS this year"
Gordon was basically staring at the super big banner and they went, "you are staring at the answer!"
So I said let's do this together, & we both went "19 October"!

How lucky we could be right! *SO HAPPY!

So if any of you are passing by that area, do drop by and hopefully you could get this awesome free tickets too!

Went Lasalle for htht after.

Tau Huay was DAMN nice; yup, it was my first time having Rocher Tau Huay how pathetic!

I dont know if I would survive the Halloween event, I keep imagining the dolls there kidnapping me and whatsoever *GASPS!

But I have decided to go for it! My first time attending a Halloween Event, think it will super fun!
Lah Lah we will scream together and scare them away instead okay! :DD

P.s. Lah Lah went Bangkok today! Please come back in one piece, I love you! & don't forget my lovely presents! Heehee!

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