Saturday, 16 February 2013

The most beautiful dream, ever.

Joshua Oh texted me, 15 mins before 12 midnight and so, he was the first to give me his blessings this year.
I lied down on my bed after, not attending to my phone no more.
I sang myself a birthday song in my head and made my one and only wish this year - good health.
I fall asleep soon after and had the most beautiful dream ever.

I was in a white dress, and I walked towards a beautiful garden.

There, butterflies were fluttering around me.
There were chairs arranged, all covered with white cloth and a black ribbon.
There were pink balloons attached to the chairs too.

I took a step forward, and there, my idol was in front.
In front of his favourite instrument, he gave me his sweetest smile and played a melody.
I started singing along too although I can't recall what song it was.

Then, the best moment came.
There were more and more voices and went I turned around, all my favourite people were there, behind a gigantic strawberry shortcake!

The guys queued up and each came with a stalk of red rose, while the girls gave a peck on my check.
I teared like nobody's business by then. :')

My idol was gone by then ( I totally forgot about him - dreams don't really flow do they?).
Then each group staged up a performance.
I saw Fantastic Four, Foodies Sisters, LDQSN, "I like to study" buddies, AJCSB, SW Beauties, Lovely Cousins, etc.
I even saw people I have not met in ages, 2/7; 09/10 etc.!

And it was time to head home.
My beautiful family were waiting for me and they all gave their tightest hug ever.
Everyone was looking great, everyone.

All wear on their smile with rosy checks, looking really healthy.
This is probably the most beautiful dream I had ever dreamt of.
It is so beautiful I don't need it to happen in real life.
Because it has reminded me that I am love. :)

Thank you god, thank you all.
For this dream, is the best present for this year.
I like it a lot. :')

p.s. Idol, JJ Lin.

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