Friday, 1 February 2013

Sembawang KTV Studio - Teo Heng KTV Karaoke

Sandra, Pecky, and Xing Jun :)

Friday is a free day for Pecky - & I love it, because I could relate to TGIF more than anyone else.
Hahaha, I'm being an ass here.

Jun Yao loves singing karaoke so much and thus, we visited Teo Heng, yet again.

Teo Heng KTV Studio
Sembawang Shopping Centre #B1-21
604 Sembawang Road
Singapore 758459

I have been there for amble time with various people.
Been to there rooms from small to big, and so I will do a review for them.

It is very much alike to Marsiling C.C Karaoke which I mentioned earlier here:

Orange is their main theme.
They do offer updated songs, ranging from Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and so on.
However, not all pop hits for Korean etc., can be found there.
Touch screen LCD for choosing of songs, which is definitely much more convenient that places like Marsiling CC where controller can be a nuisance at times.

They do offer very reasonable rates.
Operating hours and rates may be found here:

And so, they are often fully book.
To contact them in advance for reservations to avoid disappointment.!

Tel: 6484 4383

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