Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I officially turned 20 in this fabulous month of February!

I had my first celebration (and Ariel's) with Study Buddies.
Andrew, Ariel, Xing Jun and myself.

We went to Thai Express at JCube for dinner that night.
Andrew treated all of us to dinner. How sweet!
And Xing Jun gave the cutest reply, "It's not even my birthday!"

We headed to PIQUE NIQUE next. :)
Website: http://www.piquenique.com.sg

We couldn't decide which dessert to go for, we were so full.
Yet, all the cakes look so damn good!

We should meet up more often :D

My birthday falls on the 人日, 初七 this year.
It means everyone's birthday; how special!

I started my day with a simple lunch with a few AJCSB people at my daddy's stall.
It has been so long since we last meet up!

Boon Chang gave me a present and exclaimed, "Nah, I owe you last year de" LOL
I'm sorry I had to rush off that day, but I really appreciate you guys crawling out of your bed just to catch up for that short while.

We will meet up again soon when all return back to homeland alright?
Jiayou in Thaliand, Taiwan, Brunei etc.!

I went for 09/10 gathering after :)
Pretty Queenie :D

Cute Phyllis :)

Small Head Xiao Feng :)

Siao siao Sufancia :)

Trying to act tall Xin Hua :P

BFF Shaun :D

I was having a hard time trying to learn this card game (I don't even rmb what's the name of the game).
Sorry Shu Min >.<

Lou Hei! :D
And celebrated our birthdays - Chii Ming's and mine!
Thank you :D

KBOX soon! I promise I'll join! :D

De Shu's reunion dinner that night :D

Lou Hei again & Steamboat YAY.
Thanks for all the well wishes, be it that you rmb or were just following the crowd - HAHAHA
I will listen to the C.D. soon Jon!

On a side note, so many of our birthday fall on Feb.
Let's go celebrate soon :D

Favourite Soy Green Tea Latte

Jia Min's Hot Chocolate - looking good! Yummy! :D

Managed to meet up with Jia Min after so long, not for celebration, but I love that long talk.
It has been so long since we last catch up, and it seems we have endless to talk about!

We saw Lucas and Paul in Bucks too - hope they did well for their paper today!

And my dearest Jia Min managed to get a job as a dental assistant. How cool :D
Jiayou alright :D

Met up with gorgeous Eunice and Rong Her - like finale like that LOL.
We went Herbivore Restaurant for dinner that night.

I previously did a post on this restaurant: http://perkypecky.blogspot.sg/2012/12/herbivore-japanese-western-vegetarian.html
Since this post is meant to thank my dearests, I will not go into introducing the food and doing reviews alright!

I really love how the 3 of us could talk about the same thing over and over again, yet we still find so much joy in it! <3 :D

Rong Her's dinner


And Eunice's!

Thank you all.
Thank you to all my dearests who texted me your well wishes. 
Thank you to all of you who wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook.
I'm sorry I didn't thank all the 102 of you individually, but I really do appreciate that. 

I know I'm blessed. I will learn to give more in return, like how much you guys shower me with love and care selflessly :')
Thank you for making me feel that I'm special and loved!

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